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In Play Horse Racing Betting

Horse racing just got more exciting. You can bet on races as they develop, thanks to the broad in-play betting markets.

We have helped you find all of the best bookies that provide live bets on horses with this review.

Do you know just how many In Play Horse Race betting websites are available in August 2022?

Best Inplay Betting Horse Racing Sites

Our team of experts have researched and put together a list of the best In Play Horse Racing betting sites:

    Betting on Horse Racing

    If you’re a punter that wants to make the most of in-play betting, then read on.

    Horse racing is always the host of non-stop action. Unravel the greatest sites and promotions before wagering on your favourite pick.

    Whenever you think of punting, horse racing comes to mind. The ‘sport of kings’ is synonymous with online betting and you can now enjoy a range of markets from the comfort of your home.

    What’s more, you are able to capitalise on the in-play market that’s being brandished by the biggest bookmakers.

    Check the best sites that we have listed and find starting prices in your favourite races. There’s a wide array of markets and different bet types that you can place, when browsing online.

    In Play Bets on Horse Racing

    So, are you looking to carry out some inplay bets?

    Even some of the most experienced punters are unaware of the in-play possibilities that are available for racing.

    Short races do not allow time to bet whilst the race is in progress, but for many of the longer distance events, you can visit a site with the in-play function, and watch the live odds.

    It’s an exciting thing as you can see the odds change right in front of you. Place an in play bet and ensure you don’t miss out. Towards the second-half of the race, some bets may be suspended.

    Finding Horse Racing In Play Bet Sites

    Horse racing markets aren’t hard to find, you can easily pick out sites that cover all of the major events. How do you find the best horse racing sites?

    When it comes to picking the best betting sites for horse racing, we take a number of elements into consideration. We want the best odds, a wide market and the option to bet in-play.

    You’d be surprised with how many top bookmakers provide a large betting market but do not provide in play betting for horse racing.

    Using our expertise, we like to think we have an eye for them. But the truth is, there are basic features and qualities that can be searched for.

    When looking for the best betting sites, we check for:

    • Best odds on horse racing guaranteed
    • Lots of betting markets
    • Coverage on all events
    • Live stream and chances to bet and watch
    • In Play feature

    How to Bet In-Play

    Generally, betting in play is a simple task. It may seem a little more complicated when it comes to horse racing. Not all of the top bookies provide a market for in-play horse racing, they prefer you to wager beforehand.

    Wagering on sports that are currently playing is usually easy. It consists of simply visiting the site, any game that is being played will then be on the homepage.

    Alternatively, you can click onto the in-play category, then scroll through the sports available. When you find racing, click onto it and find out what events are happening as we speak.

    In-Play Types of Bets

    With a large quantity of betting markets, you can be sure to embrace both in-play and other bets. Being such a popular sport, there’s no end to the types of bets that can be placed.

    Let’s look at some of the most popular horse racing bet types.

    To Win

    To win is the simplest of the bets, place a bet on the horse you believe will win. If they do not grab first place then the bet loses.

    Each Way

    Each way is a popular bet and one that many have questions about. It’s a bet that allows your horse to place. If you bet on a particular horse and use each-way then if your horse places, you will receive a return.

    If your horse wins, you get the full return, if it places then it will be ¼ of the winning odds. Placing can vary depending on the race and how many horses are in the event, check this before wagering.

    This type of bet is a great way to give yourself a lifeline, if your pick is pipped at the finish, then you will still be able to enjoy a return of some kind.

    Singles, Doubles & Trebles

    These bets can be used for any sport, it is simple a form of betting. A single, is just one bet. A double is two but if one loses, then the whole bet will lose. A treble is the same but with three legs to the bet.

    For instance, you can bet on three separate race but combine them in a multiple bet. This treble is then counting on all of the races winning, if one doesn’t you will lose. It’s often used to extend the winnings.


    An accumulator is anything over a treble. If you put on four legs to a bet, it is a four-fold accumulator. You can piece together as many races or bets as you like, the more you add, the more you can win.

    Straight Forecast

    You can predict the first and second place finish, they need to be named in the correct order.

    Reversed Forecast

    This option enables you to predict the first and second place, but without worrying which order the finish.

    Straight Tricast

    It is similar to the straight forecast, only you will bet on the first, second and third position. Again, they need to be predicted in the right order.

    Combination Tricast

    Bet on the top three finishes, they can be in any order. As long as you guess the horses that finish in the top three, you will win.

    Features & Events

    In-play betting is a feature of its own, past that there’s no need for lavish functions and complicated features. You can visit your preferred bookmaker and begin to check out the live play options.

    In-play betting is an awesome feature and one that can be enjoyed within seconds. That’s part of the appeal, you will be able to watch live odds and scores, then make a decision on your next bet.

    Below we list some of our favourite features that go hand-in-hand with live betting.

    Live Stream

    Sports such as racing allow you to bet and watch. This means, when you stake on a bet, some of the well-known bookmakers will give you a stream to watch. You may need to place a bet beforehand to qualify.

    From that moment on, you can then make bets as they race and enjoy watching the stream from your device.


    It’s not necessarily connected to in-play wagers, but having a cash-out options works brilliant in combination with live bets.

    You can react as the race is in action, put on bets, cash-out bets in-between races and ensure that you are on top of your betting slips.

    Best Odds Guaranteed

    We’d go as far to say, that any site that does not provide this promise, is not worth using for horse races. Betting on horse races is simple and we can now sit back and enjoy the best prices.

    A long catalogue of the top bookmakers have the best odds guaranteed as part of their policy.

    Read their terms and condition for more information.

    In-Play App

    We love to find in-play betting markets that have an equally superb mobile app. It’s rare that they are solely in-play applications, but there are many that provide live streams, live odds and easy to use wagers.

    We discuss this in more depth during our app heading.

    Bet on a Horse on Mobile App

    There aren’t in-play apps, but you can use the live betting category from the normal app. Whether you have an iPhone or Android, you can easily make the most of the bookmaker’s app.

    Use the sites that we have suggested and check out their app. Alternatively, you can easily access the domain from your browser.

    It’s common practice for them to include HTML5, allowing the site to automatically convert to a mobile-friendly version.

    Inplay Betting Tips

    Find a racing horse that’s likely to win and return generous odds. Easier said than done, right? We’re not going to give you tips on a particular horse, as we’re not tipsters but we can guide you.

    If you use the best bookmakers, you will be privy to a range of different features that you can use to your advantage.

    The best odds are one quality that you should be looking out for, you can also take advantage of a slow-start from one of the favourites during in play betting.

    Enjoy picking a racing horse with good betting odds and be sure to study selected races prior to joining the fun.

    You will be able to check out plenty of reports on each horse form and the form of the jockey. This is a key component to predicting any big race.

    Why Use In Play Betting?

    For the most part it adds excitement. Although many tipsters will advise you on strategies and ways in which you can take advantage of the race.

    If jockeys are making good time without exerting their horse they will advise you to cover bets.

    But as mentioned, we believe in-play is a great way to add interest to an event. It gives you more time to decide and watch the live odds.

    Full List of InPlay Betting Sites

    If you are interested in more in-play sports betting in 2022, have a look at the list below to see what other sports are available:


    You’ll find that when major events are taking place, you can make the most of new customer promotions at the big bookmakers such as Ladbrokes or Paddy Power.

    In-play punters can rejoice, with hundreds of markets and lots of fair deals. Before joining, be sure to check through the terms and conditions and use our review.

    You will often find horse to win odds and a generous starting price, these may change as the race goes on. Keep your eye on the race when it’s active.

    All of the best bookies offer a wide range of markets, coverage and even live streams, take advantage of the promotions today and bet whilst the race is on.

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