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In Play Boxing Betting

Looking to place inplay bets on boxing? Want the very best offers?

Inplay boxing bets are a great way to win some cash in May 2020, so what are you waiting for?

Best Inplay Betting Boxing Sites

Our team have created a researched list of the best websites offering inplay bets on boxing matches:

    Inplay Boxing Bets

    Boxing is one of the longest running and most popular sports in the world. Watching two competitors battle in combat is one that captivates the imagination of most sports enthusiasts.

    Placing a wager is one thing that’s sure to add excitement to a bout. Boxing betting is a straightforward task.

    Generally, punters like to enjoy betting on a result. This is as simple as- one of the boxers to win or a draw.

    Though, there are other potential bets and variations when betting on boxing.

    If you are hoping to enjoy a boxing bet in play, then it is important that you read on.

    Inplay Betting on Boxing Explained

    Want to find out more about inplay betting for boxing matches?

    Fighting sports seem simple to bet on and for the most part that is true. But if you’d rather venture into more than just method of victory betting then you can check out other options such as round betting, specials and other outcomes.

    The odds in boxing generally favour one person to win. You can find a long shot that offers some alluring rewards, but they are priced wide for a reason.

    That is why many like to take a look at other types of bets that offer fair returns.

    It’s key to note, that the bigger the promotion of a fight and the more interest, the more chance of there being extended markets.

    For fights that feature the likes of Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua or Canelo there is always a huge market that includes specials.

    This remains true for title fights, when the title is up for grabs there is often more coverage and excitement that surrounds an event.

    Another factor when it comes to betting, includes the bookmaker that you use. Not all of the online bookies provide many boxing odds.

    Use the sites we have recommended for a variety and great prices.

    Method of Victory

    This is the simplest to place. You can wager on your favourite boxing match with a straightforward method of victory. It’s unlikely to offer huge odds because there are two participants and usually there is one of three possible outcomes- win, lose or draw.

    Place a stake on one of fighters to win or a draw. Another element to this type of bet is KO or decision.

    This increases the price, due to the difficult nature of predicting the result.

    If there’s a knockout puncher in the ring, then you may decide to place on a potential KO victory or technical KO.

    Round Betting

    When the fighters make it to the round that you predicted, it gets exciting. You will be up on your feet as they enter the round. There are pros and cons to this type of wager.

    Once that rounds over and both fighters are still standing, your bet is over. Pick a round that you believe it will end and pick a fighter that will win by KO or technical KO.

    There are impressive odds as it’s a tricky one to predict.

    How does it work?

    • Pick a round
    • Pick a winner
    • They need to win in that round by knockout or stoppage

    Group Round Betting

    It abides by a similar concept. Only this time you can pick a group of rounds, they generally look like this:

    • Round 1-4
    • Round 5-8
    • Round 9- 12

    Different bookmakers may layout the round groups differently to each other. Check their specials and find the bet, to see if they have one that you fancy.

    Total Rounds

    You will only find this type of boxing bet on the biggest events. It’s usually part of a special selection of boxing odds. Pick the total rounds. This is similar to round betting, only you will not need to pick a winner or outcome.

    Select the round you believe the fight will finish in, whether it stops due to a cut, knockout or Disqualification. This is the same bet as ‘when the fight will be won’.

    Fight to Go the Distance

    In many ways, this is boxing’s version of BTTS. You can answer yes or no.

    Do you believe the contest will go all the way to a decision?

    Then bet on yes.

    Inplay Boxing Betting Tips

    Following tips on boxing betting is straightforward. There are less outcomes available in this type of sport. Despite that, there are ways to use the variables to your advantage.

    Although we won’t give precise tips in this article, be aware that the huge odds are a long-shot for a reason.

    There are upsets that occur in the sport. They usually make big news, if you are looking for betting tips, then you will want to do your research on a boxer’s form, whether or not they are facing somebody who has a style their accustomed to and if they have amateur experience.

    For instance, Andy Ruiz was a big underdog going into his title fight with Anthony Joshua.

    May of the fight fanatics were already aware of Joshua struggling against much smaller opponents and that Ruiz had amateur pedigree and experience that could work in his favour.

    Bear some of the nuances in mind before placing a bet. Look out for tips but also use your own initiative to check records, experience and where fighters have underperformed.

    Can I Bet In-Play on Boxing?

    You’re here to enjoy boxing odds on in-play. In-play betting is essentially betting live and it allows you to wager in real-time whilst a game or event is being played out. If you are looking for boxing odds in play, then read on.

    For boxing, you are unable to place a bet when the fight has started with online betting.

    Be sure to place your bet before the fight begins. The great thing is that most boxing cards have a number of fights, leaving you lots of opportunity to stake on your preferred outcomes.

    If you want to bet on another sport with live betting, then there are plenty of options.

    Placing In Play Bets on Boxing

    It’s now easier than ever for punters to bet on boxing. There are markets available at all of the best bookmakers online.

    Find boxing betting odds at the boxing betting sites online is an easy task. You can look at future boxing matches or even check to see if you can bet on potential matchups.

    Check the best offers and promotions at the bookmaker before joining. You will often find promotions that apply for all sports betting.

    You can also look for in-play betting sites, but generally boxing is not one that can be played live. If you wanted to use in-play boxing betting, then read on as we explain the betting sites and more.

    Choosing Inplay Boxing Brands

    Choosing the best betting site comes down to what you prefer, if you want an all-round website then look for one with all sports, the best odds and casino games too.

    On the other hand if you’re a hardcore fight fan, then check for markets on boxing. We have already listed the best boxing betting sites above.

    Pick one that appeals to you and don’t forget to capitalise on their sports promos and offers.

    Is Betting on Boxing Legal?

    Worries whether boxing betting sites are legal? Want to find out more about the law and boxing?

    Well the short answer to your question of ‘are boxing bets legal?’ is yes.

    Betting on boxing is legal in most countries. If you are in the UK, US or in Europe then you can bet on boxing matches.

    If unsure, then check for the terms and conditions on each site. There are numerous markets for a reason, be sure to check our favourite sites.

    Full List of InPlay Betting Sites

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