Live Cricket Streaming Sites

Cricket is one of the most exciting and fast-moving sports around.

Any fan will tell you that the game will change rapidly from one second to the next – therefore, it makes perfect sense that you’d want to bet on a test match while it’s underway.

Interested to know the Best Cricket Streaming Sites of August 2022?

List of the Best Cricket Streaming Sites

We have compiled a list of the Best Cricket Live Streaming Sites below:


It’s time to start looking at in-play betting and live cricket streaming sites are here to help you take advantage of unique, last-minute odds which will only pop up once a match is well underway.

While there are plenty of big wins to be had from betting in advance, there are tons more to unlock by taking advantage once a match is well underway.

Think you know which way a match is going to go?  It’s time to take a look at in play bets, and to put your money where your mouth is.

Live Cricket In Play Betting

Live cricket in play betting is lots of fun.  Many betting sites, especially those with links to high street bookmakers, will let you place bets right up until the end of a match, meaning that if you think things are set to go in a different direction, you can play that thought to your advantage.

Many people love in play betting because it gives them prime opportunity to diversify their betting slips.  Streaming live cricket also gives you an extra thrill, as you’re right there, in the thick of it, watching it all happen.

A lot of betters prefer to bet blind, that is, simply to wait until a match is over to see whether or not their bets were successful.  However, to many people, this lacks a certain thrill – why not watch a cricket match unfold and place bets based on how it’s unfolding in front of you?  It’s a great way to really get stuck into the betting fun.

Best Live Cricket Streaming Sites

There are plenty of popular betting sites and online bookmakers which offer live cricket streaming.  It’s become a standard for some of the most popular household names.  If you’re already registered for betting online, there’s a good chance you may already be punting at a site which offers live streaming and in play betting.  You’ll never know quite what’s available until you look!

We only ever list and recommend sites which are trusted and are fully regulated.  That means you are always guaranteed of fair play from a bookmaking brand.  All of the bookies we recommend are well-regarded, as well as those which offer lots of twists on the betting experience.  For example, many of the sites we support host live streaming and betting along the way.

Big Streaming Brands

Here’s a selection of just a few big sites that support live cricket streaming right now:

  • Ladbrokes – Ladbrokes is a big-name bookmaker with plenty of treats up its sleeve. They offer live streaming on a variety of different sports and markets.
  • William Hill – Another huge name on the high street, William Hill has been hosting live cricket streaming and in play betting for some time now.
  • 888 Sport – 888 has broken away from casino gaming a little to offer sports betting and even live streaming – their sportsbook is always worth a closer look.

As always, we do recommend you check out a site’s terms and conditions before you get too deeply involved.  This way, you won’t feel that you are pulled into any deals that you’re unsure about.  In our reviews of casinos and bookmakers, we make sure to run through all the details we feel are important to the playing experience.

Take a look at some of the live cricket streaming sites we’ve listed here and take advantage of their fantastic deals and extended odds.

Things to Remember When Streaming Live Cricket

When streaming live cricket for the first time, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind.  For example, always be ready to pay in a small token amount to get started.  Most betting sites will request that you pay in at least £1, which is a deposit to ensure that you are going to use their streaming service to bet.

It’s a protective measure to prevent non-betters from simply using their services to watch free sport.

Age Restrictions

Do also be aware that you may need to prove that you are over 18 years of age before you can start betting through live cricket streams.  What’s more, you should also agree to refrain from recording, capturing and/or sharing any streaming video you watch.

This is a basic term and condition which most betting sites will hold you to.  We don’t think it is too unreasonable a request, and what’s more, most players and punters probably won’t have difficulty meeting these terms.


Do also make sure that your device is ready to stream live video!  Most mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets should cope well enough – especially if you download a free app to add to your home screen.

A good Wi-Fi connection will ensure a stable viewing experience.

Live Cricket Streaming Deals

Plenty of bookmakers and betting sites will offer special live cricket streaming deals that you can sample to try out the service for yourself.  These deals offer you a great way to make your betting money travel a little bit further.  However, do make sure you keep an eye on the small print.

Welcome Offers

Welcome deals will come with certain wagering or win cap terms attached.

Interested in looking for the latest live cricket streaming sites?  We have all the details right here for you.  Peruse our lists, sign up at a few sites and take on some bonus codes.

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