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BoyleSports In Play Betting Offers

In play betting is something which has taken off in a big way in recent years. BoyleSports in play betting in August 2022 offers multiple opportunities for you to bet while a match, race or other events has yet to finish.

This way, you can find some lucrative opportunities to win big in the dying moments.  Who knows – things could well change around for you at the last minute. You’ll be happy to have taken control of such odds.

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But how exactly does BoyleSports in play betting compare to the wider market?  Are there any features or facilities here which make it one of the best sportsbooks around? 

In this review, we will be looking carefully at the in play side of things. But we will also consider the sportsbook as a whole.  That way, you can always be sure that you are entering into a site which appeals to you and your betting tastes!

Promotional Offers

Promotions and deals at BoyleSports will vary from time to time.  For example, they have recently led with a £25 free deal in August 2022 for new punters and players.  This may well change as time goes by.

However, you can generally depend on the brand to offer extended odds packages and special deals on big events. These include the Olympic Games and the Cricket World Cup. It’s worth taking a look at the promos around the time of big events to see what they tie in.

In Play Betting Features at BoyleSports

BoyleSports is one of the biggest betting chains in the UK.  As such, it’s to be expected that they offer some form of in play betting service! Alongside their wider sportsbook, you’ll be able to choose from several sports and big events where you can bet long into match play.

It’s easy to find this feature on the main site, simply click or tap the ‘in play’ section at the top of the interface. It’s very easy to locate and launch, even via mobile as well as from desktop modes. You’ll then be able to look through all of the sports and events they have to offer. It’s reasonably easy to break things down.

Live Stats

The live statistics side of things is pretty good here. But there are other sportsbooks and betting websites out there which organize things a little better.

Some of the interfacing here can be a little clunky. While it is speedy and smooth to use from platform to platform, some people may find navigation to be a little outdated.  That being said, there are at least plenty of features and functions to help you get into the in play spirit.

Do They Offer Live Streaming?

There is some room for live streaming here, as you can watch and bet on horse racing as it happens.  But unlike some other big sites, this is the limit to their streaming section.

Horse racing makes up a major part of the betting scene. But it would be great to get football, golf or tennis streaming set up here.  This will definitely appeal to a wider pool of punters.

BoyleSports in play betting does offer the basics in terms of in play betting. But there should be more focus on specifics to bring it in line with the competition.

Most in play betting fans will love the access to stats and the control offered up to them here.  Try it for yourself and see what you think.


How is the user interface on the website? BoyleSports’ software is generally very efficient and is easy to use. While the in play betting side of things could use a little upgrade, we do think most people will find the sportsbook a breeze to work with.

It may be that the site gets upgraded in the months and years to come – however, competing purely on a software level, there is something for everyone here.  The software blends all of the brand’s major gaming services together nicely, too.

Banking Methods

You’ll be able to use most banking methods at BoyleSports.  For example, you will largely be able to pay in and withdraw via most UK cards. You’re covered in terms of Visa, Electron, Maestro, MasterCard and more. You can also use services such as Neteller, PayPal, Skrill and Paysafecard if you desire.

It’s great that there is so much choice here, as not everyone makes use of cards these days when it comes to online betting! In play betting is made much easier through the use of flexible e-wallets and other online standards.  You can generally pay in from as little as £5, though this will vary.

Mobile Features

How do the mobile features work on this site? BoyleSports’ mobile coverage is generally pretty impressive. You can either download the free BoyleSports app for your phone or tablet, or you can head straight to the mobile site from your browser.

You’ll be able to find all your favourite in play betting features and markets here, which is great news. Not all sites are so flexible when it comes to in play betting on the go.  Take a look in your own time and start punting on late markets on the move.

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BoyleSports in play betting is very reasonable. It offers a good range of choice, however, we would like to see a friendlier interface and a wider range of live streaming sports covered.

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Other than that, lots of statistics and betting control should appeal to most people.

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