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Inplay Betting Rugby

There is no shortage of in-play betting markets. Rugby is one of the most popular sports across the globe, many punters like to enjoy betting in-play.

This sport is one that’s played over 80-minutes, which often compromises of plentiful action, twists and turns, adding to the excitement of the betting market.

Do you know how many In Play Rugby betting websites there are in August 2022?

Best InPlay Rugby Betting Sites

We have put together a researched list of the top In Play betting websites:

    Finding the Best In-Play Rugby Bets

    In-play betting is incorporated on most online bookmakers. You can keep an eye on the game whilst punting on various outcomes.

    As well as checking live scores, live odds and the best deals, when looking for various in-play rugby sites.

    The feature’s easy to use and usually offers a rugby market. We’re helping you pick the best bookmakers that provide a complete in-play market.

    How can you find the best in-play rugby site? This is how we decide on our favourite sites.

    • In-play feature is easy to use
    • Wide coverage of the sport, different tournaments and competitions
    • The best odds on matches
    • A welcome offer for sportsbook
    • Different types of bets available
    • Mobile-friendly version or app

    How to Bet In-Play

    Enjoying in play rugby betting is simple, it’s a function that’s now readily available on most online bookmakers. In fact, it is often on the homepage, as it displays the current games being played.

    If it doesn’t, then do not panic, simply click onto in-play and scroll through the categories. From there, you will find an option for rugby.

    All of the games in-play will show. The odds will be live, and you can bet by clicking onto them, it is that simple. You’ll be surprised by the amount of different markets, coverage and types of bets.

    Draw- No Bet

    A popular bet as it eliminates the draw. If the game ends in a draw, you’ll receive your money back and the gamble will be classed as void.

    This creates a two-way market that counts on just one of the teams winning.

    Total 3-Way

    This 3-way market allows you to choose three different margins, in an attempt to guess how many points will be scored.

    Next to Score

    A generic in-play bet is to guess who will score next. There are variations of this bet, keep a look out for different types of bets.


    Bet on the result. Pick who you think will win or if you believe it will end in a draw. This is the most straightforward type of bet.

    Race to Points

    If you’d prefer, opt for a race to points.

    Both teams can play up to an amount that you set, if you’d rather not pick a team to win but feel a specific team will reach points before the other, then check out the market.

    Features & Events

    Live betting is a feature that’s been around for a long time, it’s now more popular than ever and has a range of betting markets.

    Rugby is one that’s usually included on the list, betting is easy. Find the category and then see what games are being played.

    From there you can easily check the odds and stake on a market.

    The best bookies have markets for the following competitions and tournaments:

    • World Cup
    • Six Nations
    • Championship
    • Welsh Premier Division
    • English Premier Division

    Pick between Rugby League, Rugby Union and International games, you’ll often find a betting market for all of the mentioned.

    Full List of InPlay Betting Sites

    Looking for more in-play sports betting in 2022? Have a look at our list below to see what other sports are available:


    Live bets are now widespread, if you wish to enjoy rugby as the game’s being played out, then check the sites that we have listed.

    There are plentiful markets and lots of promotions for you to enjoy.

    Enjoy the experience of in play betting as you check out the various games.

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