In Play Golf Betting

Golf is the oldest sport in the world and is one of the most popular to bet on. It’s easy to discover sites that provide in-play betting amongst lots of other markets.

Are you interested in finding the best in play golf bets in May 2020?

In this article, our team of experts browse various online bookmakers, on a quest to unravel the best sites.

Best Golf Inplay Betting Sites

Our team have put together a recommended list of the best In Play Golf betting websites:

    Finding the Best Golf Betting Sites

    Finding the best golf betting sites comes down to numerous factors and thankfully, we have lots to pick from.

    If you are looking to place a thrilling bet and predict an outcome, then be sure to check some of the top bookies that we have listed in this article.

    There’s a catalogue of enjoyable bookmakers that provide all the golf bets you could dream of, but what should you be searching for?

    There are particular features and events that you should be checking. We love sites that display a wide array of bet types, markets and the best odds.

    Here’s what we look for from the best sites:

    • Best betting odds on golf
    • Wide range of markets
    • Plenty of event coverage
    • Live streaming to watch matches
    • In-play golf betting

    How to Bet on Golf

    Golf betting is one of the most widespread markets. It’s a sport admired across the globe, the humble sport formed in Britain and has since gone overseas.

    Betting on the game is one that can be done a number of ways.

    Take a peek at the different types of bets that are available.

    Golf Scoring

    Golf scoring is straightforward. The concept is to get the ball in the hole in as few shots as possible. A par is the amount of shots that you are expected to take on a hole.

    Anything over is then named. Here’s an explanation, with some of the names included.

    • +3 – Triple Bogey- 3 strokes over par
    • +2- Double Bogey- 2 strokes over par
    • +1- Bogey- 1 stroke over par
    • 0- Par- Equals par
    • -1- Birdie- 1 stroke under par
    • -2- Eagle- 2 strokes under par
    • -3- Albatross- 3 strokes under par
    •  -4- Condor- 4 strokes under par

    Keep the gold scoring in mind when you place your inplay bets. Whether it is Rory Mcilroy or Tiger Woods playing, you can really win some money from inplay betting using the great bookmakers offer.

    Golf Betting Brands

    The best sites provide a comprehensive market that covers each angle and also has every event available to be ton. You can then bet as the tournament begins to unfold or even wager beforehand.

    Check the golf category and find the upcoming events, you will soon be able to see exactly how much of the sport, a bookie covers.

    All of the top bookmakers brandish a range of sports. You’ll find golf in that group, it’s often part of the sport line-up.

    In order to find the best bookmaker for golf check how many events they cover, whether they have the best odds, live streams and who offers the best promotion or deal.

    Many newcomers to the sites will be able to take advantage of welcome offers.

    Features & Events

    It is one of the best sports to wager on whilst it’s in play. That’s because the nature of the tournaments, they last a long time and things change over the course of days.

    There are particular bets that are best to place during the later stages of an event. Read up on our explanation of various bets and find one that you want to place.

    There’s no need for anything fancy, simply peruse the golf markets and find something you’d like to punt on.

    The best features for golf betting include cash-out, golf in-play bets and various bet types.


    We have already discussed this one. When you go to the category of in-play or live betting, you will then be able to search for golf.

    Check to see if you can place a wager whilst the match is being played out. It’s simple to do and the odds are easy to understand. You can do this from a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

    If you have the bookmaker’s app, you will be able to stake whilst on the move.


    This is a function that is synonymous with the most famous bookies. You can cash-out early and take your winnings.

    It is used for various sports, when you place a bet and want to quit whilst you’re ahead, you can see what the cash out offer is.

    Use this for golf, many of the bookmaker websites that we have mentioned use this feature.

    Bet In Play Golf Events

    There is no need for extravagant features, the game can be exciting enough. If you are a fan, then you know the technicalities of the sport.

    Pick a site that has all of the events and markets. You can then make the most of betting on golf.

    The main golf events to place bets on include:

    • US Open
    • Masters Tournament
    • Open Championship
    • PGA Championship
    • Ryder Cup

    Also unravel other major events and tours. You can enjoy betting on golf at tours such as PGA Tour, European Tour, Champions Tour and LPGA.

    For more information on the different events, please click here.

    Full List of InPlay Betting Sites

    If you are interested in more in-play sports betting in 2020, have a look at the list below to see what other sports are available:


    Embrace the numerous golf betting sites that our team have picked out for you. There are different in-play markets that you can enjoy as the tournament takes place.

    We’ve discussed what features we look for and how to ensure that you find a site with a range of markets.

    Often, the best bookmakers for golf are also the best overall for sportsbook. Pick one that appeals to you and be sure to look for promotions and welcome bonuses.