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Betway In Play Promotional Offers

Betway has grown to become one of the biggest names in online betting.  It was inevitable that they would one day enter the in-play betting scene!  In-play betting, of course, allows you to place bets on late markets.

This means you can still bet on specific games, matches and races while they are still running.  This can open things up to some big wins!  Betway in-play betting offers a variety of choices and features. So anyone getting started with this style of betting should find it quite simple to get into.

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But, how does Betway in-play betting compare to other in-play services available online?

In this review, we will mainly take a look at the live play scene over at Betway, but we will also consider the wider site as a whole for your reference. That way, you can decide whether you’d like to go ahead and place bets with the brand, or if you’d prefer to keep looking elsewhere!

Welcome Deals

It’s time to consider welcome promotions. So what’s available when you sign up here? Like many, many other online sportsbooks, Betway offers various deals and promos when you sign up with them for the first time. As with other betting sites, Betway has offered a £30 free bet deal providing you pay and play a certain amount to get started.

These deals can change though, and by the time you read this, they could well have changed again.  So, stick with Boomtown, and we’ll keep you posted on everything you need to know about Betway’s latest offers.

In Play Betting Features at Betway

Betway’s in play betting features are very easy to find, and are also very straightforward to use.  So, we doubt many people will have much difficulty using the software.  The in play betting service here is presented well. There are at least a few nice choices of sports and events for you to pick from at any one time.

What’s notable about the design of Betway in play betting is the fact that it’s flush with its other sportsbook offerings.  The layout of this mode falls in line with other services the brand offers.  This is a very good thing indeed – as many people will be familiar with how the rest of the sportsbook works.

“Bookmakers such as Betway have recognised the popularity of live betting.”

Sports to Bet On

You can sample several late markets across many big sports such as cricket, football and tennis, even snooker. This is a good cross-section of sports to host through in play mode, and we’d even say that the markets Betway chooses to cover are pretty competitive, too.

Some experts and regular punters have noted that Betway’s odds aren’t always in league with its competitors. This may be something that swings the experience for you.  However, this is something which is going to vary from person to person, so do take things with a pinch of salt.

You get a fair amount of statistics to compare and contrast in play, which is always a good thing.  This means you have more data to work with, and it also makes your life a lot easier.

There are bigger brands than Betway out there which fail to go into such detail on the stats.  So, it’s safe to say Betway in play betting will appeal to plenty of people.

Live Streaming Options at Betway

Do also take a look at the live streaming here, too.  There’s not much to write home about, sadly, but what is here works well. The streaming service is completely free providing your account stays topped up. Check out more betting sites with live streaming available to see other options.

You won’t find complete coverage of most sports here, but you will at least have a few nice events you can watch while you bet.  It’s a nice touch.


Betway’s software is nice and easy to use, and it competes very well with a varied betting scene. We experienced no crashes or other issues during betting.

This means we’re confident you can make the most of the platform from device to device without any major concerns.

The whole Betway system works very well indeed, and we do like the design. It may not appeal to everyone, but it’s easy to look through and to launch markets from. That’s pretty much all you want/need from a leading sportsbook!

Payment Methods and Withdrawals

Do always check the banking terms of a betting site before you sign up. Some methods aren’t supported for deposits and withdrawals, meanwhile others may not be supported at all!  Here, you can generally use services such as Visa and Maestro without restriction.

You can also use PayPal, Neosurf, Skrill and 1-Tap, Neteller and more besides.  It is good to see a nice cross-section of banking options opening up here – it’ll attract more people to the site.  You should be able to pay in from £10, but this can vary.

Mobile In Play Betting

Interested in trying Betway live betting through your phone or tablet?  You can feel free!  Either download the official app or head to the mobile site.  Either way, you’ll get access to a streamlined experience.

All InPlay Bonuses

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Betway in play betting presents a great little platform for you to get started with.  There are some sites with bigger experiences elsewhere. But, this is balanced with a fantastic statistical supply.

There’s not a huge array of streaming sports here. But, it’s a nice touch that you only need a credited account to be able to start using the streams.

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Betway in play betting is a great, competitive little platform, one we think most punters will do well to take a closer look at in their own time.

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