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Betting In Running On Horse Racing

Horse racing betting is a large market and it’s still growing. This is down to various bookmakers offering great value and a range of bet types, but it’s also because of websites that allow you to enjoy a betting exchange.

Rather than simply betting for a horse to win, you can also infiltrate the market by betting against horses. This has been revolutionary in horse racing.

There are strategies that could help you gain value in the marketplace. If you remain patient and disciplined, you could take advantage of great odds at well-known betting exchange sites.

Some of the factors we like to look into, includes finding value in the markets, using software and ensuring you’re not on a time-delay when watching the race. So, let’s find out more, shall we?

In Running Horse Race Bet Sites

Want to know the best in running horse race bet websites in August 2022? Have a look at our list below:

    Can I Bet In Running Horse Racing Online?

    By now, you’re aware that you can bet on horse racing online. But you will be glad to know that it’s possible to enjoy in running bets, pre-race trading and much more.

    The markets continue to grow and offer more and more value, whether you bet on events that take place over days or relish a one-off bet, you will find plenty of markets.

    Sites such as Paddy Power, Coral and Ladbrokes all take horse racing bets, but the betting exchange trading is where other websites specialise. If you want to trade bets with others then you may want to check out the Betfair markets amongst others.

    If you’re in the UK and you’re wondering about in running betting, you can read on, as we reveal strategies, things to be aware of and sites that provide great value.

    Tips on In-Running Betting

    Betting in running on horse racing is an exciting task, but it’s also one that requires skill, patience and a strategy that you are willing to stick to.

    If you are hoping to make good profit, then be prepare to enjoy gradual gains. Rather than staking money on long-shots, you will want to enjoy the markets and make educated exchanges.

    What should you be looking for when betting in-play?

    You want to capitalise on weak-points or gain an advantage over your counterpart. This means choosing the best in running websites, finding the greatest odds and using strategies with software.

    Here are things to take into account:

    • Find the best in running sites with the best odds
    • Pick a race with great value
    • Use an API to get faster access to changing markets
    • Capitalise on the time-delay

    We go into further detail in this article and break it down for you. Read on to find ways to exploit betting in running.

    Best Sites for In Running Odds

    It’s fair to say that Betfair is the most recognisable bet exchange site. They don’t offer as much value as they used to, but their customer base is unrivalled.

    Although there are other sites to enjoy, you will find less chances to bet and trade. Despite the huge 60% charges for premium bettors, it still provides the most liquidity in the market.

    If you want to look for another option, then you can use Betdaq although they’re up and coming and yet to rival Betfair’s sheer size.

    Get API Software

    What is API software?

    It stands for Application Programming Interface and it will make you privy to the change in odds. In running means you have no time to waste, everything you decide needs to be timely.

    That is why every second counts, find a software that can offer you access to the latest odds and changes instantaneously.

    Here are some of the best sites available to use:

    • Gruss
    • Bet Angel
    • Geeks Toy

    These sophisticated software sites enable you to place a bet in just one-click, be able to read live odds as they happen and you can then monitor the market via graphs.

    Without an API you are at a disadvantage, they provide a lot of worth and should be implemented for the best chance of a profit.

    Time-Delay Sites

    Believe it or not- there are huge delays on the picture that most channels and streams provide. A delay as little as just seconds could be diminishing. Bear in mind, some horses can make up around 16-metres ground in 10-seconds.

    If you are 5-seconds behind then you aren’t able to make the most of the odds. You will be late to the game and it will dramatically affect your in-play betting.

    Some of the sites you have heard of, are delayed.

    • At the Races- Despite being one of the most-used streams, it’s the slowest. The race will be at least 5-seconds slow.
    • RacingUK- Faster than the above but still 3 or 4 seconds slow.
    • SIS in Betting Shops- One of the faster streams and it still has 1.5 second delay.
    • TurfTV- Same as SIS.

    We recommend trying to find one of the faster, more accurate streams. With a small delay it is still possible to reap returns and successful in running bets.

    But always be aware that you aren’t seeing the live pictures, those that are at the race in-person and have access to bet exchange have the advantage.

    Read the Race & Horse

    Being able to read the race is an important aspect, before the final bend you can make a prediction in the in running. As you anticipate the last stretch, the market will move around and that is often the time to put on your bet.

    It goes without saying, you need to do extensive research on the horses. If you don’t know the horse and the background it can get confusing.

    When you have knowledge of the horse that’s running, you know if it’s comfortable leading the way or running at the back of the field.

    If it’s at the back and you know that’s tactic, then you may want to back that horse. But if it’s out of character then it is too much of a risk.

    Betting In-Running Strategies

    Although you may not get bigger odds, we like to use tactics and strategies to profit.

    Use the techniques in conjunction with the above. It’s key to know your horse, identify more than one prior to the race and then watch the patterns and how they start the event. Check out some of our favourite tactics.

    • In Running Lay & Back- If you bet on a horse before the race begins then lay on it in running, you can guarantee a small profit. This obviously depends on the odds and other factors, but it’s a very interesting technique.
    • Lay to In Running Back- Similar to the latter but the opposite way around. The best way to do this is to use it with higher odds. Lay a winner pre-race and then back during the race, slow starters could yield you some bigger cash rewards.
    • In Running Back- Rather than betting beforehand, you can see how things unfold. This is what in running is all about, you could get better odds or you can confirm your prediction with how the horse starts out the gate.
    • In Running Lay- The bet can be made pre-race and then enjoyed during in-play betting.

    Use these tips to your advantage, they aren’t always correct but they give you an idea of how they work. You will need to remain smart and disciplined.

    Plus you will still want to use the time-delay pictures and other tips to your advantage.

    How They Start

    By now, you understand that in-running is very much about watching and judging the race from the moment they begin. How have the horses started? Are they leading or taking a counter approach?

    These tactics matter and they will affect the market during the race. That is why you need to take all of our tips into practice.

    You will want to see if a horse started twice as fast as they usually do, this may be a disadvantage. It always depends on the horse itself and you can only go by what you have researched.

    Don’t leave the start to chance, you want to be as precise as possible. Use a stopwatch to judge the start of the race and if they have exceeded expectation.

    Full List of InPlay Betting Online

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    The best way to enjoy all races and in-running bets is to simply gather all of the above and find the best bet for you. Using each of the recommended will give you a great advantage.

    Despite having the help we have offered, you should know and understand that the market is forever-changing and is a difficult one to judge.

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