Volleyball Bet Types

Volleyball is a massively popular sport both indoors and outdoors, and while it has a bit more of a following in North America, volleyball bet types are wide open to betters all over the world.

The game works similarly to tennis in many ways, though there are more players and often more intricate rules involved.  In any case, this simply means that there are more opportunities for punters to take advantage of.

Here’s a quick guide to what you can expect from betting on volleyball, and what some of the most interesting and popular volleyball bet types are.

Volleyball Money Line Bet

The volleyball money line bet is inarguably the simplest market available in the US sports betting system.  Simply place money on who you think will win a given match by paying attention to the money lines available.

  • If a team is listed with the money line +150, you can expect to get £150 back from a £100 bet. This makes the team the underdog for the match.
  • If a team is listed with the money line -150, they are the favourite – and you will need to pay in £150 to get £100 back.
  • Money line bets can get more advanced with handicaps and point spreads involved, which we cover in more detail below.

Volleyball Handicap Betting

Volleyball handicap betting comes into play when a bookmaker decides to even up the playing field a little.  If it looks likely that the favourite for any given match is likely to come away with a significant win, a bookmaker may decide to add ‘win conditions’ that said team will need to reach if any bets placed on them are likely to come back positive.

Winning big on handicap bets is entirely possible, though these types of bets largely exist to make choices that little bit clearer for betters as well as to help protect a given bookmaker’s interests.

Handicap bets exist in just about every sport available for you to bet on, so if you’ve already gone for a handicap punt elsewhere, you likely won’t find these volleyball bet types that much of a stretch.

Volleyball Total Sets

Betting revolving around volleyball total sets is another way for you to really tighten up your betting-slip and to take advantage of some precise markets.  Who’s to say how many sets will be played in a given match of volleyball?

If you think you know the answer, bookmakers would love to hear from you.  They will offer you odds on how many sets they think will be played out, and you simply put your money where your mouth is!

As volleyball can be a very varied and unpredictable game, a total sets bet is one which can be seen as fairly risky – though you will likely be able to come away with big wins if you bet as such on teams which are fairly evenly matched.

Do your research and get to know a little bit more about volleyball rules along with team forms and formations before going any deeper into these volleyball bet types.

Point Spread Betting

Point spread betting is largely used in the US bets system and it works for handicap bets.  The bigger the spread, the more win conditions will be attached to your bet – but at the same time, the bigger the return you could receive.

It’s therefore a type that appeals to more seasoned punters and volleyball fans.  Outright bets can only get so interesting and can only appeal so much to regular punters, which is why it is sometimes a good idea to look and see which spreads bookmakers lay out for you with certain sports and events.

Don’t be afraid to go against the spread, or to take on a bet that demands a whole host of win conditions – as many people have won big by going large on their betting slips.

Take a good look at the markets available and certainly immerse yourself in the world of volleyball before you go anywhere near these conditions!

Volleyball Set Betting

Volleyball set betting, purely and simply, allows you to fine-tune how you think a match will go.  Don’t fancy placing bets on an outright match win?  Take a look at each set – a great idea if the teams in play are fairly evenly matched.

Set betting is preferred by those punters who opt for the in-play approach, as live volleyball betting will allow you to watch a match unfold and to make predictions on volleyball events as and when you think they will arise.

Who do you think will take the next set?  How much by?  Bet on a set by set basis to really maximise your potential return if you feel lucky enough!

Volleyball Parlay Betting

Volleyball parlay betting, on the other hand, is where things can get fairly intense.

UK betting systems often refer to parlay as an ‘accumulator’, which means you essentially bet on several matches in one slip in the hope that they will all pull in wins for you.

  • Parlay betting allows you to increase your winnings in a big way if all of your picks win – a great choice for confident punters
  • However, if any one of your match picks lose, you lose out – you win nothing at all
  • Parlay or accumulator betting, is a great volleyball bet type if you know plenty about the sport, or are confident in your predictions
  • However, it’s always recommended you look at outright markets if you’re new to betting, or to the sport
  • Only the luckiest win!

Future Bets Volleyball

Future bets volleyball markets are well worth looking at if you’re steeped in the sport and you have a favourite team.  Future bets largely take place at the start of a league or championship, and allow you to pick who you think will win a run of matches outright.

It’s a fairly risky bet, but it’s one which can come in in a big way at the end of a long tournament. Make sure to check out some volleyball tips before placing any bets.

James has over two decades of experience in the sports betting industry. From owning racehorses to winning multiple iGaming awards he uses his experience to research the bookmaker's best free bets and try to help punters get the highest sign up offers.