Rugby League Bet Types

Rugby league remains one of the most popular spectators and betting sports available all over the world, with Australia taking particular interest in this take on the sport – and that means that there are a wide variety of rugby league bet types to take advantage of, too.

From basic outright winner bets to more specific propositions, different bookmakers – like Ladbrokes or Betfred – will open up different markets for their punters to take a closer look at – which means that, if you are growing tired of simply punting on outright markets all the time, it may be worth you considering digging a little deeper into the options available to you.

Not all bookmakers will offer this range of opportunities – but they are all worth looking out for. You can even bet online – here are some of the best sites to use.

Money Line Bets

The US standard for betting is the money line.  Money line bets allow you to place money on which team you think will win outright, with the actual money line making it clear who is seen as the favourite, and who is the underdog.

The US standard will likely lay things out as follows:

  • Team A +190
  • Team B -190

From this, we understand that Team B is the favourite – as they have a minus money line – and you’ll, therefore, need to pay in at least £190 to get £100 back.

The opposite works for Team A, who are seen as the underdogs in this fictional matchup.

Rugby League Match Betting

Match betting is very simple indeed, so we’ll keep it brief – simply pick the team you think will win a match outright based on odds offered by a bookmaker.

This type of bet is more common to UK standards (like the Coral brand) than US ones, as US bookmakers prefer to offer money lines to offer that little bit more in the way of leeway on either side.

Either way, it’s another simple outright market worth looking at.

Rugby League Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is widely offered by bookmakers in an attempt to level the betting playing field.  This means that, instead of being offered outright odds, certain teams will have additional qualifiers placed on them.

For example, if a team is expected to win by quite a distance, they may be expected to win by a certain number of points for your bets to pull off.  This is a great way to increase winning opportunities, though it is also a favoured market for bookmakers.

It may also make odds on the underdog more appealing if you’re feeling particularly lucky, though you could stand to win more on a handicap bet on the favourite than what you would through an outright win rugby league betting prediction.

Rugby League Accumulator Betting

Accumulator bets are still amazingly popular with betters up and down the country for a huge number of sports.

Unlike other rugby league bet types, accumulator bets allow you to bet on several different outrights at once, with the aim for your wins to stack up and multiply as you go along.

This means that, if you’ve done your homework and you manage to correctly predict the winners of five games in a row, you could really take home some big money.

What it does also mean, however, is that losing is simply not an option.  Any loss in your accumulator – otherwise known as parlay bets, especially in the US – will result in your bet voiding completely.

Therefore, there’s a temptation to go all out, and there’s a temptation to play it safe.  Which type of better are you?

Rugby League Futures

Amongst the most popular rugby league bet types is the futures market, which relies upon your ability to pick who you think will win a league, cup or tournament outright.  This market can come with various pros and cons:

  • The odds are likely to be great before the start of a season or rugby league event.
  • The market works extremely well in favour of those who research form and results.
  • However, betting on this market means you won’t see a return until the season or event finishes.
  • It does, however, mean you’ll have a background bet running amongst any others you place match to match.

Futures betting is popular across most sports, particularly opted into by fans of specific teams in the name of remaining faithful to their given clubs!

Rugby League Totals Betting

Rugby league totals betting works in a similar vein to overs and under which you’ll find comes into play for a wide range of US sports.

This basically means you are given a total by a bookmaker and are asked whether or not you think the final total score will be higher or lower than the number provided.

This market is another popular, simple option which can be seized upon a match to match, meaning it’s another likely candidate for ongoing slips while futures betting goes on in the background.

Totals can vary, as can your spread – so do your research with available bookmakers and try your luck!

Rugby League Prop Betting

Rugby league prop betting narrows your choices and opportunities right down to the nittiest of gritty – meaning that instead of placing money on outright markets, you could instead bet on who you think will score the first try, who will score the most individual points, who will be leading by half time – the world is your oyster.

Not all bookmakers offer markets as wide as this, but unlike some other bet types, prop bets really narrow things down for the more invested punters.

Live Rugby League Betting

Live betting is very popular indeed.  Choose from a wide range of different in-play markets which are likely to change as matches progress – such as overall scores, try scorers, individual performers and more besides.

As with every other sport, this can be very unpredictable as games progress – which is why all the more people have opted to start placing bets after matches start.  Why not take a look at what’s available?