Golf Bet Types

Golf is a fairly simple game in terms of how you win, so it may come as a surprise that there are a variety of different ways in which to place bets on your favourite sport.

Here are a few examples of just some of the many golf bet types July 2020 that you can place;

  • Outright
  • Each way
  • First-round leader
  • Proposition bets
  • Top 5/10 finish
  • Playoff
  • Hole in One
  • Lowest score
  • Highest ranking nationality

Depending on how well you know the sport may determine which type of bet you decide to place. Golf bet types, such as betting on the outright winner may seem like a fairly easy thing to judge, but this is reflected in the low odds which you get. If you decide to plum for something a little more difficult to predict, such as when a player will get a Hole in One, then your odds should increase drastically.

As always, though, placing bets on golf should be a fun experience. Regardless of which golf bet types you decide to place, make sure that you only bet what you can afford to lose, and stop when the fun stops.

Golf Outright Betting

With golf, outright betting is still the most popular form of betting to be made. It’s easy to see why; placing bets on who you think will win the tournament overall is a pretty safe bet. While the outcome of a match may be easier to predict than some other aspects of a game that you could bet on, that doesn’t make it any less entertaining. There are any number of factors that could affect the outcome of a tournament such as;

  • Unforeseen injuries
  • Sudden changes in the weather
  • A hook shot into the rough
  • Spectators causing a distraction
  • Selecting the wrong club

So, while golf outright betting is probably the safest betting you can make, there’s always that element of the unforeseen that could throw everything into disarray. Have a read of our golf betting tips, if you would like to get some advice.

Each Way Bet Golf

If you feel that placing an outright bet is still a little too risky for you then why not hedge your bets and place an each-way bet instead? Each-way betting in golf is very similar to horse racing in that, rather than naming a specific player to win, your bet will still win if your player comes within a designated place. So for example, if you bet on Rory McIlroy to win and he comes second, you lose. If you’d placed an each-way bet for him to come in the top three then you would still win.

The downside to this form of betting is that the odds are greatly reduced compared to an outright (usually a quarter), but if you want better odds on some form of return then this may be the golf betting type for you.

Golf First Round Leader Betting

Much like other sports, a game of golf has different stages or rounds, and you could bet on the outcome of these. In golf, first-round leader betting is the most popular round to bet on. The beauty of this type of bet is that it doesn’t matter if your chosen player goes on to win the overall tournament or not. In order for your bet to come in, all they have to do is win the first round.

If you like studying stats and past form guides then this might be the bet for you. It’s possible to predict a pattern from previous tournaments as some players have a history for starting very well. Based on this information you should be able to have a pretty good stab at who you think will be leading after the first day of play.

Golf Proposition Bets

Golf proposition bets are where betting gets really interesting (and sometimes a little wacky too). Prop bets are usually based on a novelty, and while they are just a bit of fun, more often than not hey can bring exceptional odds and winnings. Betting on something like how many Hole in One’s you think a player may get, or whether your chosen player will be in the mix for the playoffs are common prop bets.

Other proposition bets that are incredibly popular include who will have the lowest score, what the highest-ranking nationality will be, and who the top five or ten players are going to be.

Live Golf Betting

Many people choose the gold bet types, live golf betting as it is a great way of ramping up the tension. As the game is underway odds can be slashed, favourites for the title can change, and one missed putt can alter the standings in a dramatic fashion. Betting as the action unfolds is fast and furious, as games can go right down to the wire. The option to cash out adds another twist to the tale; will you be brave and stick by your original, or will you cash out early and hope that you haven’t sprung the trap too early?

Bet in Play Golf

Thanks to advancements in technology you are now bet in play from virtually anywhere. Thanks to smartphones and tablets you’re able to bet as the play is taking place, and this throws up the opportunity to place all sorts of interesting bets. Who will be the next player to score a birdie? Which players could be eliminated from advancing any further? How will the layout of the green favour one player over another?

With in-play, golf has never been more exciting. Most bookmakers offer this service through their websites and apps, so see what kind of new odds you could get as you watch the play unfold.

Futures Golf Betting

Futures golf betting is where you select the eventual overall winner of a tournament. Whether it is a smaller qualifying event or a major golf event such as The Masters or the U.S Open, all tournaments must have a winner. Probably the most popular of golf betting types July 2020, if you can correctly predict a futures bet then you’ll probably be celebrating along with the winner of the tournament.