NFL Bet Types

To the untrained eye, National Football League betting can seem more than a little complicated.  However, it’s simply a case that there’s a lot to play for with football games – and as there’s plenty of NFL bet types for us to run through, let’s start taking a look at some of the more common betting scenarios for football fans without further ado.

NFL Moneyline

Confident that you know who will win a game outright?  Go for the National Football League Moneyline option.  This type of bet may be basic, but it can also carry a little bit of a risk.  After all, you’re taking a 50/50 punt.

The Moneyline will let you know how much you can expect to pay in to get £100 back from bets, for example, -250.  This appearing next to the name of a team will let you know that they are the favourites – and that you’ll need to pay £250 to get £100 back.

On the flip side, take advantage of an underdog Moneyline at +250, and you’ll get £250 back for every £100 you bet.

NFL Total Bet

NFL total bet opportunities are otherwise known as overs and unders, and can be seen in other sports available for you to place bets on.

Essentially, you’ll be betting on whether or not the final score of a game will be more or less than a number set by the bookmaker.

If, for example, a bookmaker offers you 55, you bet ‘over’ if you think the total score will be more than 55.  For ‘under’ – we’re sure you can fill in the gaps!

NFL Parlay Betting

NFL parlay betting is where things start to get really interesting, though it’s perhaps best reserved for those punters who are a little more confident or experienced in the game!  These types of bets will allow you to group your bets together in the accumulator system.

This means that you can set up bets for two or more in a run, and your winnings could multiply if they win.  However, all of the NFL games you bet on in a parlay will need to win – meaning that just one loss will knock your accumulator off completely.

It’s a risky bet – and one that can be heart-breaking if just one fails to pull off in a long line.

NFL Teaser Bet

The NFL teaser bet is seen as a slightly more comfortable alternative to the parlay, for a number of reasons:

  • You can extend the point spread – which means you can, essentially, alter your chances of winning and your bracket for loss.
  • You can ease into a teaser bet with wider point spreads if you’re new to betting, a great idea if you’re aiming to build up confidence.
  • They are a great way to build up an accumulator win if you’re unsure on factors such as form.

As with parlay standards, any losses will result in your bet losing completely – no matter how many wins you have already.  The teaser may be seen as something of a training exercise for some betters, but many have been able to pull off big wins with a little luck.

NFL Proposition Betting

NFL proposition betting operates much in the same way you would expect prop bets to perform elsewhere in the sport.  While other NFL bet types will revolve around outright wins or more specific markets, prop betting blows everything wide open.

These bets can be placed on a variety of different markets and game specifics as set by any given bookmaker, meaning you may do well to shop around for the most interesting markets and opportunities!

How many passing yards will a certain player have?  What will the coin flip end up as?  You can bet on absolutely anything, within the remit of your bookmaker – so think carefully!

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NFL Futures Betting

NFL futures betting takes a specific kind of luck, though researching form and watching the sport regularly will likely set you up with very good chances of pulling off a brilliant win or two.

Futures betting, in general, is all about predicting who will win a tournament or championship – which of course means you will likely get the best odds if you make your bets known before such competitions begin.

These bets can be very tricky, meaning they are best left to those who are invested in the sport – unless, of course, you feel lucky!

Do also be aware that as seasons and tournaments will be slow-burning and ongoing, you won’t see winnings returned until all is said and done.

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Season Win Totals

These NFL bet types – season win totals – are nice and simple, too, if specific.  They’re a popular choice for betters who prefer to go all out on a range of different bets and markets, and what you’ll be placing money on here is whether or not a team will score more or less than a given number of wins.

You’ll largely need to take advantage of these markets ahead of the start of a season, as they rarely pop up again midway through – more to the point, you’ll largely get access to the best odds ahead of time, too.

Half Time Bets

Rather than placing money on an outright win, you can wager on how you think a point spread will go by half time.

You can, of course, mix these half time bets alongside a range of other markets on your slip, which means it is another varied market for you to pick from that could deliver great odds and a fair amount of money returned.

As with outrights, half time betting can be risky – particularly as you never know how a given game is going to play out if both teams are on great form.

NFL Quarter Bets

Similar to the above, NFL quarter bets allow you to predict the point spread for one or more given quarters.  This can be even trickier to predict, at times, but it will give your slip a little more spice.