Virtual Bet Types

Virtual betting is becoming more and more popular, and for good reason!  While you can still freely bet and punt on live sports and real-life events, virtual bet types are arriving in their droves to enable punters to take a chance on computer-generated games and events as they see fit.

Whether it’s football betting, horse racing or otherwise, you can now place money on outright outcomes for games which are truly randomised.

While you’ll be given enough data to make informed decisions on who to place your money on, you no longer have to worry about keeping an eye on a form or any other factors which can affect betting in a big way.

If you’ve not already taken a look at virtual betting, it may be time to open up your punting experience to a whole new world of markets and sports opportunities!

Live Virtual Betting

Live virtual betting is alluring as it not only allows you to take advantage of in-play markets for events which are completely randomised – you’ll be able to watch and bet on them whenever and wherever you like.

While virtual or computer-generated sports may not carry the same spectator thrill as real-life events and games, you do still get that real betting buzz.

Live betting markets allow you to place punts as matches and races unfold, meaning you’ll be able to take clear advantage of certain twists and turns as they pop up.

Live to bet and in-play markets are popular in just about every sport going – so why can’t it apply to the virtual side of things, too?

Virtual Football Betting

Virtual football betting is extremely popular.  While the teams and players designed for such games may only be loosely based on existing sides and professionals, that’s where similarities almost certainly end.

Football betting on a virtual basis is just as exciting as the real thing – perhaps more so, as you have even less of an idea as to how things are going to play out!  Bet on virtual football your way:

  • Bet on a win/draw/lose basis – always get behind the home team and bet on whether they’ll win, draw or lose
  • To bet on how many goals you think will be scored
  • Bet on whether you think the bookmaker’s predicted scoreline will be higher or lower than the actual result
  • Check out team rosters before your match begins – you might get some clues as to how things will play out for you by the end

Virtual Horse Racing Betting

Virtual horse racing betting is perhaps where things started – and as such, these markets remain some of the most popular.  Bet on outright wins and other propositions to narrow down your betting slip, taking notice of a handful of information given to you before each race starts.

The form is, of course, less important with virtual betting than it is with real-life sports, but you will always be given a slight indication as to why certain horses are likely to perform better than others.

Once again, virtual horse racing meetings can take place any time day or night, which is why it’s a good idea to hunt down a flexible online bookmaker offering plenty of ongoing meetings for you to punt on.

Virtual Greyhound Betting

Virtual greyhound betting, similar to horse racing, allows you to pick from a number of dogs who you think will win a given race – only, these dogs aren’t real!

Ther Virtual greyhound meetings are completely randomised, meaning that you can either bet on outright wins, each way if you think you know who will come in second and third.

You can also bet via accumulators, too, if you feel particularly confident that your dog picks will all come in for you for the maximum bonus available.

Virtual Parlay Bets

Virtual parlay bets are perhaps a little riskier than their real-life counterparts, as the idea of form doesn’t come into play at all.

Matches, races and games offered on a virtual basis are completely randomised, which means you are going to need to be particularly confident in the decision you make if you hope to pull a parlay or accumulator bet off to your advantage.

As parlay betting goes, you simply bet on a number of matches or races, and if they all win for you, you’ll get an incredible boost to your finances – however, if any of them lose, you’ll lose it all.

If you’re the sort of punter who feels confident to take such risks and to work them to your advantage, these virtual bet types will certainly be worth your while looking into.

Virtual Sports Bet

If you enjoy taking on a virtual sports bet or two already, you may already be well-acquainted with a number of virtual bet types out there.

You can not only bet outright on games and matches which have been designed to finish completely at random, but you can also stack them up in accumulators and take advantage of widened money lines and markets if you are feeling especially confident.

Make sure to look at a few virtual sport betting tips before placing bets to ensure you don’t waste money.

Win, Draw, Lose Bet


The win, draw, lose bet setup allows you to bet on whether you think the home side in a virtual football match will win, oversee a draw or lose to the away team.

These bets revolve around the home side, which may entice some punters – but you can also extend your chances of winning to total goals scored, the exact score you think will emanate from the match, or whether or not you think more or less than 2.5 goals will be scored.

Diversify your betting slip!

Draw No Bet

Some betting markets, virtual and otherwise, will allow you to bet on outright results without draws coming into the equation.

You can bet online with companies like Betfair Virtual betting, Paddy Power and much more.

This can help to make results and odds that little bit tighter, which can, of course, appeal to more confident punters – outright bets can seem a little bit generic to some betters, which is why it is always worth looking at ways to spice things up!