Football Bet Types

As with all other sports available for you to punt on both online and on the high street, there are plenty of different football bet types to get into. There’s more than just simple outright betting to look at – you can diversify your bet slip considerably by looking closely at precise markets and prop bets if you wish.

In this guide, we aim to look closely at what some of the more popular markets are, and what you can expect the next time you put money on via online sportsbook or high street bookmaker.  What’s win draw win, for example? Don’t worry – read on, and learn all you need to learn about how soccer betting works across the board.

Football Win Draw Win

Football win draw win bets are actually far simpler than it may seem on the surface. Basically, you will be betting on any of the following outcomes occurring in any given match:

  1. The home side wins
  2. Both sides draw
  3. The away side wins

It’s as simple as that – this type of bet is extremely popular and largely draws up the biggest odds, which is why so many punters head for this approach first and foremost.

It’s a great market to be looking at if you’re new to placing bets on football, or if you’re simply not feeling too confident about the more outlandish prop or precision markets. A great place to start!  Also, a great way to drive up your potential returns so does take a close look at these markets from match to match.

If you are new to betting on this sport, then we suggest you check out football bet tips to see what is recommended.

Football Accumulator Bets Explained

Anyone looking for football accumulator bets explained needn’t worry – as this bet type is also refreshingly simple. Perhaps otherwise known as the parlay option in US betting systems, an accumulator will essentially allow you to stack up your wins to increase your revenue. However, there are risks involved.

  • Bet on two or more matches at any one time when you think an outright winner will be found.
  • The more wins you stack up, the bigger your returns will be – hence the term ‘accumulator’!
  • However, do be very careful with the matches you pick – as if any of your matches lose, you’ll lose any and all of your built-up winnings.
  • Therefore, it’s a betting system that’s worth playing with a strategy in mind – do you only pick those matches which are dead certs? Or do you only bet on a few matches? It’s something which punters largely build up to.

Draw No Bet

Another popular choice amongst football betting types is to draw no bet. In this market, a punter will place money on a given team to win the match but will lose their money if the other side is victorious.

The major difference between this market and those considered more straightforward is the fact that your wager will be returned to you if a draw occurs. Essentially, you are betting against your ‘away’ side winning, and against a draw occurring at all.

It’s popular for some betters to look into football pools, too, which relies upon draws entirely. On online sportsbooks and in bookmakers, however, the draw no bet option is just one of many systems worth looking into to diversify your options.

Both Teams to Score Bets

If you know a bit about a given match that’s about to occur, you may wish to put your money where your mouth is. Those betters who know a fair bit about form and how certain teams play against others will likely head for both teams to score bets to make things that little bit more interesting.

It’s not uncommon at all for two sides to score in a football match, however, this market is one of the more interesting bet types in the sense that it relies upon a nil-nil draw being avoided at all costs.  0-0 isn’t that rare, either – so this is another adventurous addition to any betting slip.

Correct Score Football Betting

Correct score football betting is where things get very interesting indeed, and it all revolves around how good you are at predicting what each team will do. We don’t just mean who will win or lose, but who will score what.

It’s always a good idea to do your homework as far as football bet types are concerned as a form is a fantastic indicator as to how certain markets are going to play out. There’s nothing better than getting yourself some extra confidence before you punt too large!

Double Chance Betting

If you’re really not sure about how things are going to play out, double chance bets are the best way to go. However, you may risk missing out on or two big odds opportunities.

Double chance markets allow you to choose two possible outcomes for a match in one bet – so if you want to bet on a draw as well as the home side winning, you have an increased chance of taking money home. However, you may well cut short your chances of winning big.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is popular across the board for bookmakers and punters alike, as it essentially means that two sides are evened up with extensive odds. If there is a side in a match which really seems to overpower the other, a bookie, such as Coral Sports Betting, may choose to extend the odds by adding in win conditions – so that they’re better protected, and so that odds increase for punters, too.

Outright Football Betting

Outright football betting is, of course, the most popular standard for online and high street punters. Many people will choose to bet on their favourite teams outright, while others will make the most of their form knowledge and will put an accumulator to the test.

Either way, outright betting is one of many football bet types which stands to offer you an incredible return if the prices are right. Always shop around!

James has over two decades of experience in the sports betting industry. From owning racehorses to winning multiple iGaming awards he uses his experience to research the bookmaker's best free bets and try to help punters get the highest sign up offers.