How To Place an Accumulator Paddy Power

Have you ever wondered the best way of placing an accumulator bet on Paddy Power?

We give you the low down on how to get started today. 

You only a few scrolls away from making your first accumulator bet.

How do you place an accumulator bet?

Accumulators at Paddy Power are a great way to get started with your Paddy Power games. Accumulators are increasing in popularity, and they have a slightly higher risk but the chance to have a great day inflated chance of winning two.

You can literally accumulate wins, and end up with a positive experience from your accumulator bets.

Accumulate Winnings

Accumulators work by developing an overall win and accumulating a pot of winnings on each of the bets adding up the returns. Paddy Power also makes this easy by showing you all the options at the beginning and what your potential winnings might be.

With your first accumulator to qualify on your account, and each subsequent accumulator bet you also have the offer to receive a refund if you don’t win, which will be discussed here as well.

How do you place an accumulator bet at Paddy Power?

Before you can place an accumulator bet at Paddy Power, you need to set up an account, to do this all you need to do is click the ‘join now’ button, enter in your first and last name, date of birth, address and mobile number.

Then set your security and deposit information carefully, payments will be made via these details you enter so be sure you take your time. Once you have done this you will be able to enter your promo code and decide on your marketing options. You will need to confirm your account with Paddy Power, and then you will be able to choose your £20 risk-free first bet offer. Currently, you get the money back in cash if you lose on this bet, so it is a no-lose option.

Once you have set up your account you just need to login to your Paddy Power account, and use the username and password that you set up.

Build Your Bet

Next you can build your bets by placing an accumulator. You will need to make a combination of bets, for whichever market you would like to bet on and click which ones you want to include. For example you can choose five football matches on the same day, just making sure that you have checked the odds and that you are happy with them. Everything you have checked will appear on the back step on the right-hand side of the page.

The next step is to decide on the steak for your accumulator. Don’t worry if you type something incorrectly, you have the option to remove it or change it. At the bottom of the Bet slip you will see your total stake, your balance and what your potential payout will be.

You can for example when over £500 from a £10 steak with what you have chosen. This is part of the appeal of an accumulator and why many people choose this route. To place your bet all you need to do is click the ‘bet now’ button and your accumulator is placed.

Find The Odds

The way in which you find out how much the odds are on your accumulator is easy, the best way to work out the return is to use decimal odds this enables you to simply multiply the odds together, however if you want to find an easier way then log into your account, and check the bets slip and it will automatically give you the totals. You can change each of the selections by adding over moving bets, and then the bets slip will automatically and quickly update to show you the odds and return.

Paddy Power have been known to create some fantastic special offers and many back offers. They don’t always apply to just new customers as well, Paddy Power do their best to reward existing customers too. This means that everyone can benefit and receive special discounts at various times. So keep an eye out for these.

Accumulators are usually quite easy to bet on. When do you have your multiple bets chosen usually all you have to do is enter your stake and away you go. Most sites are similar but it’s worth following the step-by-step guide below for Paddy Power specifically.

To win it is necessary for all of your bets to win, in your chosen market. Quite often people choose favourites to win, so that the risk is significantly lower. But it does depend on the teams, or horses that you bet on. Sometimes you can make a profit with an accumulator even before bets have been settled but it does depend on the bookies.

Acca Insurance

Paddy Power also have the option of accas insurance as well.

This allows the punter the option to claim back some of the money they bet on accumulator bets, how this happens is via the paddy power account. The selections that have been bet on will appear as a refund once the games are complete.

How Do I Place a Treble Bet with Paddy Power?

Paddy Power does offer the option to allow customers to various options to place a bet. This includes a treble. This option is one bet on different events in three selections. But all three must win to gain a return on your accumulator.

To place a treble, all you have to do is choose the list of categories on the Paddy Power homepage the category of your choice, the next step you need to take is to choose the fixture or market and the race that you wish to betting, once you’ve done that you can see the odds to click on, choose “Bet slip” in the top right hand corner and then place a stake in the box that comes up. All that’s left then is review your selections and click on “place bets“ and wait to see if you get a return on your bet. Although there is an element of luck, guessing the outcome of games or races is a big part of the fun. So finding out which bet has paid off is a great way of spending a weekend.

So once you have read the guides, created a paddy power account, and followed each step to make your selections, don’t forget to review carefully before placing the bet.


The markets you choose are entirely up to you, but it is worth checking out guides to work out the favourites for each one. If you are new to online bets and accumulators in particular, it won’t take you long to gain the experience you need to win, and make good choices in the right category for you.

Choosing Paddy Power as your bookmaker with the many category options and markets will help you build up the accumulator easily. Finding out how to place a bet with Paddy Power, and taking it step by step, will be a good way to enter the betting world. Just make sure your bet is going to qualify for accas before you place your accumulator bet and you review the selections carefully.