Both Teams to Score Bet

Often abbreviated to ‘BTTS’, Both Teams To Score July 2020 bets are exclusive to football betting and wildly popular with punters.

You get the chance to bet if both teams will score during the match.

What is BTTS?

The both teams to score market has become the new favourite in football betting. It’s incredibly thrilling and does more than simply ask which team you think will win. All is asks is if you think goals will be scored.

A both teams to score bet is simple in concept. Pick a game where you’re fairly confident that both teams will score at least one goal each. The overall end result isn’t important because the only thing you need both teams to do is to score a goal in the game you’ve chosen.

This kind of bet is usually paired with an accumulator as BTTS bets have a reasonably low payout on a single match. You can pick more than one selection with the hopes of bettering your odds and therefore increasing your pay out.

The more matches you add to your betting slip, the more winnings you’ll see. But, equally, the more you add, the harder it becomes to win.

Once each team has scored, regardless of how much time is left in the match, your bet wins and the rest of the match doesn’t matter, so if both teams get net early on, you can enjoy the rest of it with your feet up.

Why Choose BTTS?

If you’re wondering why you’d put on both teams to score bet, the most obvious reason is that you don’t put all your hopes, dreams and money on one team winning. It doesn’t matter who wins overall, all you need is for each team to score. It doesn’t even matter how many times, or the final score.

If you bet on both teams to score, the market stays alive until the match ends. If you’ve put on a bet for one team to win, and that team go down 3-0 at half time, your bet is likely to die. If you go with BTTS, the team you might’ve chosen to win could be 10-0 down in the very last seconds of injury time and if they scored, you’d get a winning bet.

Online bookmakers typically credit your account pretty much instantly once the bet has come in. You might end up being in the money only a few minutes into a game.

I Don’t think Both Teams Will Score, what do I do?

If you think there will be an outright winner, or no score at all (pessimistic, much?), you’re able to click ‘no’ which will opt your bet out of the Both Teams to Score market. So the reverse happens; you win if either team fail to score during the game.

It’s a pretty dull bet, and potentially over very quickly, but the option’s there.

What does a Good BTTS Bet Look Like?

Here are a couple of tips.

It’s wise to do a little homework before putting this bet on. Of course, as it’s a football match, you’d hope both teams score to make it an interesting watch. The smart choices for both teams to score bet are the ones who score a lot, but also have a gap in the defence. If you look at their upcoming opposition’s attack style, you want them to go up against a fair aggressive team.

It’s also advisable to check out the top teams who will be playing away and against a team who isn’t as skilled, but do have a good record of scoring at home.

Types of Bets

Is it just one type of bet?

No, there are variations to try. A regular BTTC bet is a simple yes or no question. Do you think both teams will score?

There are others.

Both teams to score in both halves – This one is particularly hard to market and pick a winner but has great odds if you tick yes. It means you think both teams will score a goal in both the first and second halves of the match. So you’re expecting an exciting game of at least 2-2

Both teams to score and result – This one means you select a BTTS bet plus you predict the outcome of the game overall. Usually, you must pick from yes and the home team wins, yes and an away win, yes and a draw, no and home win… etc. This is super hard to guess and the odds are really rewarding if you get it right.

Finally, there are both teams to score and under/over – here is a combination of BTTS and you predict the number of goals in that match. So not only do both the teams need to score a goal during the game, but you’ll also have to tell the bookmaker whether you think there will be more or fewer goals than specified.

For big matches, a bookmaker might offer something more unique in their markets, like a Both Teams to Score in one half. This isn’t seen very often at all, so probably best you don’t look out for it as only a couple of sports betting bookies do it.

Is BTTS the Same as Goals Galore?

Not the same, more like the founding father. Goals Galore is basically the market that started this sort of betting. Betfred started it and the success was rapid, so other bookies jumped on it and so was born the BTTS.

There isn’t a whole lot of difference between Goals Galore and the BTTS market. At Betfred, you must choose from a list of games every week that you want to add you betting slip to.

Odds are fixed on the basis of a number of entries compared to the specific match being bet on.

Typically you’re offered 3 lists to pick from when betting using Goals Galore. A long list, bonus or super 6 coupons. The former is a list of about 50 games in the UK happing over the span of 4 days.

The middle option has a shorter list, but offers a better payout. The latter option has the highest odds, won through 6 selections.

Goals Galore offers the chance to bet on both teams to score, BTTS offers this too, but also a no-bet, where you think neither team will score at all.

Which Bet am I More Likely to Win?

There’s never been a definitive answer to this debate. It’s dependent on a few things. Goals Galore has a fixed nature and that makes it hard to compare to BTTS odds. It can go either way when it comes to your payout.

Goals Galore is a favourite with accumulator fans because they can increase the pay out significantly for bigger accumulators that have a few short odds BTTS selections.

If you add the BTTS selections with higher odds and go for the best odds you can find for the bet, or maybe combine it with an accumulator bonus offer, you can see dramatically increased returns.

It’s not all as complicated as it sounds when it comes to choosing if you want your bet to go on a Goals Galore coupon or just a simple BTTS option. Betfred offers consistent odds (ish) and you can use those to make your own mind up.

What Advice is there to Get a Good BTTS Return?

It’s always clever to do your due diligence first.

You should look at the history between the two teams. Not who has consistently won, but how many goals were scored.

Consider the wins and compare who plays better at home. Think about where your selected match is.

Check out both team’s season performance. The best BTTS game is between two teams with a solid attack and weak defence. If you’re lucky enough to find two teams going against each other and they both show this behaviour, you’re good to bet.

Google the team before the game. See who’s playing, who’s coming back from an injury. Check out the stats. If their striker who’s responsible for most of their goals is not playing in you selected match, what confidence does that give you?

Make sure you’re using the right betting format, given the odds.

Difference Between Multi-Goal Betting

Multi-goals betting provides a gap of goals and a bettor can wager if the goals will fall between that range. For example, a multi-goal line could be 2-4. That means from two goals to four goals will be scored in the match.

If you take that bet and the number of goals falls in between two and four (two, three, or four) you win the bet. But if no goals or only one goal is scored, or if five, or more, goals are scored then you lose the bet.

How about 1×2 and Over/Under?

Here you’re betting that a chosen team will not only win, but they’ll win by a certain amount of goals under/over what’s prescribed in your bet. That’s for another article, though.

Final Word

This is a great way of watching a game, full of excitement and hope for both teams scoring. If you’re not particularly loyal to one team and just enjoy watching what’s being played, regardless of who’s involved.

There are some decent tips to help you get the most out of football betting, generally, but specifically for a BTTS. Most bookmakers offer decent markets for this kind bet, so make it count!