Goal in Both Halves Betting

The world of football betting has a seemingly never-ending amount of options on offer for any football game with wildly different odds.

Enter the bet where you need a goal scored in both halves to win.

When it comes to goals alone, there are a plethora of bets you could put on. It’s really key to do your research on the available bets you want to know as best you can that your bet will make money. There’s usually a market catering to an evenly-matched game or lower odds where bookmakers think there will be a lot of goals happening

What is a Goal in Both Halves Bet?

You’re betting on your confidence in there being a goal, scored by either side, during both halves of the match. Doesn’t matter who scores it, player or overall team, so long as a goal is scored in both the first and second half of the match. Note though, injury time counts but extra time doesn’t.

You can bet on more than one goal being scored in each half; typically this is presented as an option on your betting slip and you just have to tick yes (or tick no, if you don’t want to).

As bets go, this one isn’t the most complex. You simply need to be confident that during each half, one team will score. If you ticked yes to the above, your bet wins. If a half sees no goals at all and you ticked yes, you’re out of luck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would an own goal count?

Yes it would. All goals, any kind, count.

Even disallowed ones?

No, because those kinds of goals don’t add to the score.

Does injury time count?

Yes it does.

Does extra time count?

No, this rarely counts with bookies. It’s sometimes seen to count for some big games like the World Cup, and even then it’s pretty unique to find bookmakers offering this.

What if more than one goal is scored per half?

Then you’re watching a good game and potentially supporting each team. You’re only concern is a goal, from either team, being scored in both halves. If you ticked the yes option and a goal is scored in the first and then the second half, you can enjoy the rest of the game knowing you’ve made some money.

Final word

Bookmakers say the goals in both halves bet isn’t always the most sought after market, but those bookmakers do offer odds that can be worth a lot to a winner. A team with a 1/3 chance of a win could be on offer as 1/1 in a both halves bet.

Both halves betting is a lot of fun for those who closely follow the football leagues as it’s not exclusive to the Premiere League, in fact both halves betting can be widely adopted in European football markets.

It gets punters interested in the entirety of the games, even if they’re not too worried about the final score. It’s all about the goals in both halves.

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