Total Goal Minutes Bet

Are you sitting there wondering what a total goal minutes bet is? Well, you have come to the right place if you are looking for an explanation of this particular type of market.

It is one of the most exciting betting markets on offer from online bookmakers and, if they go your way, you can see a healthy profit.

These markets are based on the total aggregate time of all goals scored in a game. So, for example, if a goal is scored in the 26th minute and the 44th minute of a football match, it would be made up to 70 total goal minutes.

In a game might, your bookmakers of choice might predict 125-135 total goal minutes in the Manchester United versus Chelsea game. If three goals came in the 7th, 23rd, and 90th minutes the result would be 120 minutes.

If you had sold your total goal minutes at 125 for the stake of your choice, perhaps, for example, £1 a minute, you would have won five times your stake, (125 – 120) x your stake = 5 x £1 = £5.

However, if the total goal minutes had added up to 134, the same bet would have lost you 9 times your stake: (125 – 134) x your stake = -9 x £1 = -£9.

These bets tend to work well if you have a feeling that the goals will be scored in the earlier or the later minutes of a game.

Player Goals Minutes

Another variation on this form of wagering is player goal minutes. In this, you are placing a bet on the aggregate number of total minutes scored by an individual player in a match. The players are all set an opening price for their performance within a game.

If you held a strong belief that a particular player was going to score goals, you would buy in their player goal minutes market. If you thought that the chances of them scoring any goals were low, you would sell.

When you are placing this particular kind of wager, the profit or loss on the player not scoring is at zero goal minutes. However, the maximum points settlement could be very high if the player did something like scored a hat trick late in the match.

Total Goal Scoring Minutes

This market is based on the total goal minutes, so a forward who has been flying high and high fixed odds in the first goalscorers market might be set around 25 minutes.

A midfielder may be found hovering around the 10-15 minute mark, depending on their goal scored reputation and a defender, who is unlikely to score any goal may be under ten minutes. All the players in that game are presented together, with those quoted with higher minutes more likely to score. These are the players you want to put your bets on!

However, this is a particularly volatile market for buyers. The player that the bets have been placed on may be injured, sent off, or subbed out for another player, affecting their ability to accumulate total goal scoring minutes.

The match itself might also affect the outcome on the total minutes – a team may be winning but then sits back and plays defensively in order to protect their lead, thus not scoring any more goals.

In terms of sports spread betting, the total goal minutes and the player goal minutes are exciting yet volatile markets where the profits for buyers can be huge, but so potentially can be the losses. In terms of sheer excitement, they are undoubtedly some of the best-betting markets around.