F1 Bet Types

When you talk about fanatical followings, they don’t come much bigger or fanatical than Formula One. It’s not surprising, then, that F1 is one of the most popular sports to bet on. The F1 bet types are as numerous as they are unpredictable, and that just adds to the excitement. You could place bets on;

  • Single races
  • Multiple drivers
  • Podium finishes
  • Qualifying positions
  • Who makes it through to Q2 and Q3
  • The constructors Championship
  • The Drivers Championship
  • The choice of tyres
  • Who will crash out
  • And much, much more.

F1 bet types like this are what make the sport so universally popular. As well as the obvious bets such as which driver will win a race, you can do match betting, top three bets, top six bets and future bets too.

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Formula 1 Betting Types

There are countless different elements that can alter the course of a race meeting and every one of them can be bet on too. Formula 1 betting types are amongst the most varied in all of sport. No other sport gives you so many variable factors to bet on, including;

  • Mechanical failure,
  • The weather,
  • Carelessness from another driver,
  • Safety cars causing the pack to slow down and bunch up together,
  • Pit lane incidents,
  • Speeding penalties,
  • The pit stop strategy
  • Team orders which involve a driver helping out their teammate to gain a tactical advantage

All of these and more are able to be bet upon to make watching F1 the most compelling experience it can be.

Race Winner Betting

Race winner betting is still far and away the most popular F1 bet types you can place. While it’s true that the past couple of years have seen utter domination from either the Red Bull’s or the Mercedes teams, that doesn’t mean that fate hasn’t intervened from time to time either.

You may think that a bet on Lewis Hamilton to win would be a sure thing, but throw in a mechanical failure here and a rookie cornering mistake there, and before you know it the race is wide open. Betting on the big favourites such as Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel will probably draw very short odds.

The real F1 betting trick is to find the diamond in the rough. An underdog with the potential to win will give you far more favourable odds, and of course, it makes the formula 1 races more exciting for you too.

F1 Matchup Bets

F1 matchup bet types are probably the next most popular form of betting other than race winner bets. Matchup bets take a bit of studying if you want them to pay off because they involve deciding who the highest finisher will be from a group of drivers. Usually this consists of two to six drivers and can be made even more interesting if you include a handicap element to them too.

Let’s say you have Fernando Alonso pitted against Max Verstappen. Alonso is a two-time World Champion but hasn’t seen the podium for a long time, whereas Verstappen is a rising star with a better car but only five victories to his name. Who do you plum for to win the race?

This is what makes the F1 match betting so entertaining. There’s a genuine chance that you could pick the underdog and the underdog romps home – all you have to do is to predict it correctly!

Top 3 Bets

If just betting on the winner of the race isn’t enough for you, you could go one step further. Or maybe even three…

Betting on who will finish in the podium positions of first, second and third is a much more entertaining way to hedge your bets. Commonly known as top three bets, trying to figure out who will be spraying the champagne over the adoring crowds at the end of a race is trickier than you might think.

There are a vast amount of variables that can change the race result in an instant and all these tiny factors can be the difference between you laughing all the way to the bank or just drowning your sorrows.

Make no mistake, every driver in the race wants a podium finish, so they’ll do anything they can to be up there. As long as your chosen driver finishes within top three, you’ll win your bet.

All you have to do is decide who is the hungriest, and who has their car set up just right to take one of those coveted top spots.

F1 Top Six Bets

If the top three bets seem like too much of a risk for you then why not try out a top six instead? The F1 top six bets are exactly the same as the top three bets, but they give you just a little bit more wiggle room. As long as your chosen driver finishes within the top 6 positions then you’ll win your bet.

Obviously the odds aren’t as good as a top 3 bet, but a top six F1 bet gives you the chance to allow for those acts of God and unforeseen circumstances that so often plague F1 drivers.

Formula 1 Futures Bet

The Formula 1 futures bets are all to do with predicting who you think the eventual winner will be at the end of the season. This could either be in the form of a Driver’s Championship, the Constructors Championship, or both.

Depending on how their teammates have performed throughout the season, the World Champion driver may not drive for the World Champion Constructors, so you need to keep one eye on the team mates performances too.

F1 Proposition Bets

F1 proposition bets are normally based on something a little bit more obscure, such as how much fuel a car is running on, or which grade of tyres a team will choose. They tend to be one of the least popular of F1 bet types because of their unpredictable nature, but they are great if you want to add a fun element to your race day betting.

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