bet365 Unlimited Places First Goalscorer

We all love taking a bit of a gamble on who is going to score the first goal, don’t we?

Well, bet365 offer a range of goalscorer markets, and, not only that, unlimited places on each-way bets.

Here, we are going to look at goalscorer bets in a little more detail.

What is a goalscorer bet?

If you are new to placing a bet, you are probably wondering what a goalscorer bet is. Let us explain: it is literally where you place a bet on who is going to score the first goal in a match.

It really is that simple. bet365 go one step further than this and offer an each-way bet, which means that even if your chosen goalscorer does not score the first goal, but scores at any time during the game, you can be safe in the knowledge that you will get a payout.

So, let’s just say that you bet on Gareth Bale scoring 30/1 with £5 each way (£10 total). If Gareth Bale does indeed score the first goal, then your return will be £210 (£5 x 30/1 + £5 x 10/1). However, if he fails to score first but does score at any time during the 90 minutes play, then you will still get a 1/3 of the odds payout from bet365 – earning you £55.

Essentially, they will pay you out each-way. Not bad, eh?

What makes bet365’s each-way first goalscorer bet offer different from others?

Most bookmakers only offer a payout on the first three goals on first goalscorer each-way bets, but bet365 is different. They offer unlimited places in 90 minutes of play so you can place a qualifying bet safe in the knowledge that if your player scores at any time during the game then you are in the money and all of your each-way bets are settled. These first and last player goalscorer markets are available on all of the top matches and many more of the leagues, including the English lower division and Irish leagues.

Not only that but bet365 offer odds on players scoring more than one goal during a match. As you can imagine, some players are very popular in such a market!

If you want to go for the big odds, you can choose the fist goalscorer AND the correct final score.

How do you do it?

To place one of the unlimited first goalscorer bets, you need to be a bet365 customer. Go over to their website and sign up – it is a really easy process, and they usually have a decent sign-up offer to tempt you in.

Read through all of the important terms and conditions, check out the markets, returns and odds and have a look at our website for some tips for unlimited places on goalscorers bets and place your own!

What are the terms and conditions?

Like anything, there are some terms and conditions around bet365’s unlimited goalscorer bets.

  1. The punter placing the qualifying bet must be aged 18 or over
  2. The bets are only valid during 90 minutes play – any extra time during the game is not counted, and the bets will not be settled
  3. Own goals do not qualify
  4. Any subsequent enquiries by official bodies will not be considered for settlement purposes
  5. Every effort will be made to quote the first and last player to score odds for all possible participants. However, any players who are not originally quoted will count as winners should they score the first or last goal. Any bets on players not taking part in the match will be void as will any bets on the first player to score where the selection comes on after the first goal is scored. All players that take part in a match will be considered runners for the last player to score betting.
  6. Applies to pre-match bets only
  7. Each-way first goalscorer bets are settled on all goalscorers at 1/3 of the odds
  8. If your chosen goalscorer does not feature in the game, then your bet will be void, and your stake refunded.
  9. If your chosen player comes on as a substitute and there has already been a goal, then your bet will be refunded unless the score is 0-0, in which case, the bet will still stand and run as normal.
  10. If a player takes the field after a goal has been scored or does not take part in the game then such bets will be settled as a single on the correct score market at the relevant odds quoted at match kick-off time.


To summarise, bet365 is one of the few online bookmakers offering odds for unlimited places on first goalscorer bets.

Bets are settled on all goalscorers, making it the best site to head.

James has over two decades of experience in the sports betting industry. From owning racehorses to winning multiple iGaming awards he uses his experience to research the bookmaker's best free bets and try to help punters get the highest sign up offers.