Betfair Cash Out & Partial Cash Out

Betfair cash out comes from the betting exchange where, historically, if you were betting on some kind of sports game and wanted to cash out, you had no choice but to figure out the numbers all by yourself and decide if it was worth going ahead with or to bail out and take back your stake.

Nowadays, Betfair Sports will do this number crunching for you. It will address the issue of not enjoying your odds of a successful bet and being forced to watch it play out.

This is a real time thing that maximises profit and minimises loss. You just need to look out for the cash out button.

What Does it Mean?

Befair lets you lock in a profit or a loss but the event doesn’t have to have finished in order to do so. Say another goal has been scored, or your horse racing knowledge isn’t as good as you thought it was, and you don’t like it.

Betfair is happy to help you lock in a profit. Or as much as you can. All you need is that cash out icon.

Betfair does all the hard number crunching in the background so it can offer you a real-time value on your bet. This is all based on the market price at that specific time. You can cash out with one click of the cash out button.

You’re able to do successful cash out on multiples or even singles on many sports, including tennis, horse racing and of course football. With racing, this could be pre-race bets and even those in-running.

You can take advantage of this bet both online and on the Betfair app. Just lookout for the icon which will be on your bet slip next to the bets that qualify.

If you don’t have a Betfair account, that’s fine. The Betfair cash out offer is open to both new and existing customers.

The best part, if you’re not already a customer with Betfair, is that you can sign up and claim £100 in free bets thanks to the new sign up welcome bonus.

So what is Partial Cash Out?

You’re also able to see precisely how much of your bet you’d be able to cash out whilst leaving the remainder of the bet to carry on to the end.

To partially cash out your stake, all you have to do is move the slider to the appropriate amount and then click on the option to partially cash out, which you select from the drop down menu. It’s that simple.

You’re not limited to doing this once; you can do it as many times as you like on one bet, so long as that slider is there.

How do I Go About it?

It’s really easy. Head to and log in. Navigate to your open bets and choose which one you want to successful cash out for, and click just that option.

What Terms do I Need to Know About?

The only bets you can cash out will display the icon. It will how you the lowest amount you will get if you cash out. These amounts aren’t guaranteed due to the nature of it being a live bet and therefore will be constantly changing. You might get more. Your cash out might also fail. Alternatively, you might only be successful in part.

If your cash out doesn’t work, or it’s only successful in part then Betfair will be nice and offer you different cash-out, based on the new position that they’ve revised for you, based on the real-time prices in their market

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve Seen Something About the Confirmation Screen, what is it?

The confirmation screen acts as a layer of security against any click-happy accidents. You must enable it for this feature to work, and it’s advised that you do. You’ll click cash out as normal, and then an overlay will appear showing you a summary of your cash out option and then you’ll have to click that you want to confirm this in order to go ahead. You can enable or disable this in the settings page.

My Bet isn’t Appearing on the Cash Out Section, why?

If you’re not seeing the option to cash out your bet then it’s because it doesn’t qualify for this offer. You can check the markets that do qualify by looking out for the special icon which will be next to the bet. You’ll notice that it doesn’t extend to enhanced specials or antepost markets.

What About my Stake?

If your bet is successful then your take amount will be the total amount that’s going to come back to your account which does include your stake.

My Cash Out has been Suspended, why?

When you’re betting on a Betfair market, if it gets suspended, naturally your bet will be too. This includes singles and multiples within that market. If your cash out value equals zero then there’s nothing to cash out, so it will be suspended.

There’s a Delay, why?

During in-play sports games, you might experience a delay when attempting to cash out because Betfair needs time to keep up and adjust the prices, say, when a goal is scored, for example

Why was my Cash Out Unsuccessful?

The offer isn’t guaranteed. If the market price suddenly surges, your cash out might be unsuccessful. If it does go through, you’ll be told via a successful message. Ditto for the reverse, if it fails, but here you’ll be offered a new price.

When do I See the Cash?

Pretty much instantly. Successful cash outs will be credited there and then.


Before we started seeing the handy cash out button, if you were betting within a sports market and wished to simply cash out, you had to work out all the numbers by yourself and figure out if you were going to sit on the bet or bail out with as much cash as you could get out of it.

Betfair cash out came about and does all that hard work for you so you can see the cash out icon and you can opt for that. You’re guaranteed to secure either the best profit you can (without the risk) or reduce your loss as best you can, before the event itself is over.