What is an Alphabet Bet?

Would you like to find out what an Alphabet bet is? Keep reading to learn more about this type of betting.

An Alphabet bet is possibly one of the most complicated bets you could put on. This bet is a huge combination of bets where a punter puts on 26 bets simultaneously.

The Alphabet bet is named after the fact that there are 26 events with a wager at the same time. There is a big return in it for you if you get it all right. Betting online has never been so thrilling!

As there are an absurd number of bets, a punter who wants to make an Alphabet bet is probably going to end up with a pretty big wager (and profit, if they’re lucky).

This is because all the bets that make up the Alphabet bet have to have an individual stake. So someone who wants to stake a tenner would end up staking ¬£260 because that’s one stake times 26.

An Alphabet bet is not advised for casual bettors who fancy their odds online and are seduced by the idea of winning big. You need a certain about of knowledge regarding the sport (and those in it) you’re about to put the bets on.

If you’re betting on a whim, you’re likely to lose everything. Know your odds and really consider if an Alphabet bet is the right form for you to see a profit from.

Every bookmaker loves an Alphabet bet!

What are the 26 Bets in an Alphabet Bet?

OK, so now you know you’re making 26 different individual bets, which stem from 6 selections, but within them come your other bets which total 26 to create your Alphabet bet. You make:

  • Two Patent bets (equaling 11 bets when broken down)
  • One Yankee bet (11 bets)
  • One Six-Fold Accumulator bet (the final bet)

Tell Me About Others…

Alphabet bets are a combination bet. Similar but not identical to a multiple bet, but the real difference is the wager. Multiple bets require you to use one wager across multiple selections. Your winnings from one selection roll over to the next one.

A combination bet, though, asks that you stake a new bet every time. They start off in reasonably small form; a trixie holds 4 bets, but can be massive. There are many bets like this:

There’s also a Super Yankee, which is 26 bets in itself, made up of 5 selections. 10 doubles and 10 trebles respectively, as well as 5 four-holds and one five-fold accumulator.

A Goliath bet, for example, requires a punter made of steel willing to make 8 selections at a total of 247 bets.

A Heinz bet consists of 57 bets in total, which is made up of 15 doubles and 20 trebles, then 15 four-fold and 6 five-fold bets and one 6-fold accumulator.

A Union Jack bet will leave your mind in a cluster. It requires somewhere between 8 and 80 bets, depending on which type you go for. It’s named this because of the way it’s grouped into a 3 x 3 grid for the selections and lines going horizontally, vertically and diagonally for 8 groups of 3.

A Union Jack bet can consist of a trixie, a patent, a patent and a round-robin. See… You really do have to know your stuff about what’s included.

What is Each Betting Form?

Your first bet, a patent bet, is one where you make 3 selections. 7 bets cover the 7 potential winning combinations of those 3 selections.

So, if you thought Spurs, West Ham and Arsenal will all end up winning their respective matches in the Premier League football at the weekend. Your 7 bets for the patent bet cover 3 singles, 3 doubles and a treble. You lose if all three teams lose.

Your second bet, the Yankee bet, is where you make 4 selections totalling 11 bets. The bets are for 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a four-fold accumulator that has all 4 selections.

These create selections 2-5 in your Alphabet bet. If 2 or more of your chosen teams win, you see some kind of winning from this.

Your final bet, the Six-Fold Accumulator, brings together all 6 selections. If they all win, the final bet is then won.

You can’t include all 6 of your selections in a Patent or Yankee bet so you have to carefully build your bet on the selections you’re very confident in seeing a win at a wager that makes you comfortable.

What is a Popular Sport I can Bet on?

There are many sports which you can check out and look at their odds to see what returns you could get. Horse racing is a popular sport for this type of betting.

People betting on horse racing will look into the odds and positions to see what returns they could be getting back if their horses finish in the positions they have bet on for the horse racing event.


Combination bets, in particular the Alphabet bet, can be complicated to understand, thanks to the number of bets in different forms involves across multiple selections.

A punter is well advised to be really into the sport they’re betting on, and be fully up-to-date on the news.

Don’t just throw your money at a bookmaker and expect to see a decent return. Understand what double is, as well as trebles. It’ll certainly make watching all the events much more exciting, especially if you’re expecting a big return!