What is an Accumulator Bet?

An accumulator bet is a multiple selection that combines different odds together. Hence the name accumulator, the combination allows you to accumulate the odds and essentially enjoy punting for a big return. They’re often known as Accas for short. So how does it work?

It goes without saying, the higher prize comes at a bigger risk. Instead of waiting for one result, you will need all of your picks to win. An accumulator is a bet that forges together four or more bets.

These types of bets are often used on horse-racing and football. If there’s an instance when you have a non-runner or a postponed game, that selection will be taken out of the accumulator. The return will be recalculated, and you can still cheer on your other picks as the bet still stands.

Types of Accumulator

You’re probably aware of multiple bets. You can pick as little as two separate bets and put them together. Both will need to win for you to receive the return. That’s called a double and when you pick three, a treble. An accumulator is anything over that amount.

  •     2 Selections- Double
  •     3 Selections- Treble
  •     4 Selections- Four-fold Accumulator
  •     5 Selections- Five-fold Accumulator
  •     6 Selections- Six-fold Accumulator
  •     7 Selections- Seven-fold Accumulator
  •     8 Selections- Eight-fold Accumulator

There is no limit to the number of bets you can add together. It offers huge returns, there have been many cases when somebody has bet £2 and won large amounts in return.

Examples of the Bet

In this section, we take a look at winning accumulator examples that we’ve created. We garner different football games and odds, in order to display how these bets work.

Pick Bet Odds
1 Iceland to beat Turkey 1.70
2 Czech Republic to beat Kosovo 1.62
3 Portugal to draw with Lithuania 15.00
4 Paraguay to beat Bulgaria 2.10

Above, you can see a four-fold accumulator. In the bet section, it showcases the result that you’re betting on. For this accumulator to win, you will need to get the result correct in every instance.

Winning Example

In this example, we predict results and demonstrate how you could win.

  •     Iceland 2-0 Turkey
  •     Czech Republic 5-1 Kosovo
  •     Portugal 1-1 Lithuania
  •     Bulgaria 1-2 Paraguay

These are not factual results, they’ve merely been fabricated to help you understand the bet type. If the above results were true, then this accumulator would win. All of the results predicted have been proven correct.

What happens then is you’ll receive the returns that were stated when you placed this bet. That will be calculated by multiplying each of the odds together.

On this occasion that means- 1.70 x 1.62 x 15.00 x 2.10 + your stake.

If you bet £2 then your total return is £86.75 and that is. £85.75 in profit.

Losing Example

But what happens if your acca doesn’t win?

If Bulgaria pulled back a goal and it ended as a draw, then your acca would lose. Despite the others being correct, it would be let down by the one result. That is what makes them so exciting, during the last minutes, the outcome is susceptible to change.

Essentially, if any of the results were wrong, then you would lose.

Each Way Example

We have used an example of football. If you bet on horse-racing, then there could be other factors, including an each-way bet.

This works with two separate odds, one to win and one to place. The accumulator works in the same way that we noted, only if one horse places your acca will still stand. It will be calculated with the placing odds for that particular selection.

Other Things to Consider

If you’re feeling like a lucky punter, then it could be worth trying out an accumulator bet. You can use them on all sports and betting markets, simply add them together. You can use them for result betting or both teams to score.

It’s also possible to mix and match. For instance, you may be able to bet who will win the Premier League, F1, Wimbledon and other events.

Simply add your selection and when you bet online, it will display the types of betting you can embrace. This shows on the betting slip as you add various picks.

Why not try out an accumulator for your next bet? Check out the various offers available to get started.