Tote Scoop6

How could something you may not have heard of, the Scoop6, be better than the heavily sought after National Lottery?

Let’s consider it, but first…

What actually is the Scoop6?

It’s essentially an awesome pool bet that gives its entrants the opportunity to win (scoop) an absolutely huge pot of gold for the low low stake of only two quid.

The goal for the punter is to choose 6 winners during as many races on a Friday for races during a Saturday meeting. It also happens on special occasions like Boxing Day. Just make sure to get your bet in by the Friday beforehand or you’ll miss out on being a winner!

If you do achieve this you get your hands on a portion of the Scoop6 pooled cash.

Scoop6 Pooled Fund

If you successfully make your way to the end of this quest, you’ll be heavily rewarded with a portion of the Scoop6 pooled fund. This pool very often reaches the height of a million pounds and more! They don’t stop there either, there’s also the opportunity to go for the Scoop6 bonus pot which is achieved by successfully choosing the horse that becomes the winner in a race on the next Saturday.

If you don’t meet the selections requirement of picking all 6 first place horses in 6 races, you can still share some of the love from the Scoop6 pool if your horses place in all of those races. So you don’t necessarily have to back the favourite, as is usually the way. This lesser prize, if you can truly call it that, gives Scoop6 punters easy access to the £1, 000 up for grabs, each! This has been seen 9 times in the last year alone! And they’re going home with £998 profit because the stake is a meagre two quid. Worth a shot? (We have to remind you that you need to be over 18. Please gamble responsibly).

Is the Scoop6 really better than the National Lottery?

Kinda, yeah! Scoop6 works in a really similar way in that if no one comes through to take the cash on a particular week then that money rolls over into the next week. Same as you see in the Lottery; funds can grow and grow to substantial amounts.

It differs from the Lottery, though, in that Scoop6 also needs a little bit of skill to be successful. Some basic knowledge gives Scoop6 punters easy access to better odds by carefully selecting their horses.

Scoop6 has another benefit in that it’s a much more enjoyable betting experience because it lasts longer. The National Lottery only really lasts a minute or two, but Scoop6 is a full six races. It usually goes on for an afternoon and most of it can be watched on ITV as it’s been branded for television. So really you get a lot of bang for your buck when you look at the fact the stake is only £2.

How is it different from other tote products?

Actually there’s one huge differentiator in comparison to sister bets like the Quadpot, Placepot or Jackpot. The 6 Scoop6 races are chosen by the Tote and can be any of the meetings that happen on that particular day. A Scoop6 card will contain a lot of the very tough events like those with 20+ horses or handicaps. They’ll purposely pick a one with a young horse and/or those without a track record so you don’t know if it’ll perform well. It wouldn’t be a bet if it was easy!

And, as you’ve hopefully become accustomed to within the gambling world, if it’s hard, it’s worth it. The Scoop6 bet doesn’t make winning easy, but worthwhile and the appeal is its enormous pay out and equally massive placepot.

If you’re watching it on TV, you’ll be able to see how many of the Scoop6 tickets remain following a Scoop6 race and it’s not unheard of to be left with maybe 3-4 tickets in your hand following the first four. If you want, you can also follow Twitter recent news to see what’s going on at the time and see data about the pools.

Non-syndicate bookies will be fine taking a this bet and will honour the tote dividend.

It would be remiss to remind players that you need to be over 18. Please gamble responsibly.

Calculating Placepot Winnings

A placepot is essentially like an accumulator but instead it’s done through a tote which uses the pari-mutuel process to settle the balance of pay outs. To calculate the number of winnings to be paid out per race is dependent on the number of horses running. Basically, it all goes into a pot, the event happens, a commission is taken, and the remaining pot is divided amongst winners.