How to Place an Accumulator on Bet365

Placing accumulator bets is a popular way for sports fans to bet on their favourite teams. Bet365 is a well-known bookmaker which has the option for people to place accumulators on certain sporting events.

Are you unsure of how to actually place this type of bet at the site?

In this article we’ll show you how to place an accumulator bet on Bet365. It’s pretty simple to do and we find the site’s interface fairly nice to use. So what are you waiting for? Keep reading to learn more and see our top tips for accumulators on Bet365.

How Does an Accumulator Bet Work?

First of all, let’s discuss what accumulator betting actually consists of.

An accumulator, sometimes informally known as an acca, is a way of betting on multiple things within a single bet. It will typically combine four or more selections into one bet, and you only get a return when all parts win.

The advantage of these bet types is that you can generally get much higher returns. However, there is of course a much greater risk as you only need one selection to lose for the whole bet to lose.

Many websites offer the chance to put accumulators on various sports. But one of the most popular acca sports is football, in particular Premier League matches.

Placing Your Accumulator on Bet365

So how can you actually place your accumulator bet on Bet365? It’s a pretty easy process to follow:

  1. Firstly, you’ll need to sign up or log into your account.
  2. Make sure you have some money into your account. For new customers, you may need to make a deposit here.
  3. The next step is to browse the menu and decide which market you want to place a bet in.
  4. Click on the yellow odds and add them onto your betting slip.
  5. Once you have chosen all the qualifying selections you want, put funds into the ‘Multiple Options’ box. For example, if you have 5 selections, this will be the 5-fold bet.
  6. Enter your stake and then click the yellow ‘Place Bet’ button to confirm.

When you have completed your bet slip and confirmed your selections, it’s time to simply sit back and wait for the result to come in!

You can also live stream some football games and horse races.

Cashing Out

With the Bet365 sports site, you do have the option to cash out on your acca while it’s still in play. This means if your accumulator is currently winning, your cash out amount could be a profit. You can choose to take this amount or take the risk of seeing your bets through to the end.

If your current selections are losing, then your cash out price will be very low or you may not even have one at all. Sometimes cashing out can be the best way to go as you take home something rather than nothing.

The longer you wait, the higher your cash out price can be. But of course, there is a higher risk of one of your bets losing and letting you down!

You can find the cash out option in the ‘My Bets’ section of the Bet365 website or mobile app.

Terms and Conditions

As with any other bet type online, the Bet365 accumulators do come with some terms and conditions. It’s best to check these before you place your bet, even if you’re an experienced customer and you’ve used the site before.

You should also take a look at the terms relating to any bonuses when you sign up as well. Some offers may only apply to certain bet markets, so make sure you’re away of these rules before filling in your bet slip.

Want to find the full details? The best thing to do is visit the site and read the terms for yourself before choosing any bets.

Enhanced Odds On Your Accumulator

Wondering about the enhanced odds available for your acca? Bet365 offer these special odds for many different bet markets. As a customer you can make use of these to maximise your winnings.

Again, be sure to check any terms and conditions when using enhanced odds on your accumulator bet slip. You can see the full details about these betting odds at the official website or on the mobile app.

There are selected betting sites where players can get a special promotion like this when betting on sport. We definitely advise looking out for these!

FAQ for Bet365 Accumulators

Got a question or need something clearing up? There are a few common questions that people ask when placing an accumulator at Bet365. We have done our best to answer these queries as well as possible. Check the questions below to see if yours has been answered.

Where Can I Find Bet365 Accumulator Tips?

You can check the Bet365 website for more information about tips in the current betting markets. There are also several online tipsters who offer advice for how to get the most successful result.

What is a 6-fold Accumulator?

A 6-fold accumulator is a multiple bet with six parts to it. For example, you could bet on six different football matches. You only get the returns from these bets if all six of your predictions are correct. The same rule applies to 5-fold, 7-fold, 8-fold bets and so on.

How Can I Do a Football Accumulator?

When selecting your betting markets, you’ll be able to see the football section in the site menu. From here you can choose the specific events you want to bet on. Then follow the same process as we mentioned previously to place your bets. See more on Bet365 football to learn how it works.

What Does Block Mean on Bet365?

A Block bet involves 9 or more selections on different games or sporting events. These bets are combined into an accumulator of all 9 selections. Bet365 is currently the only bookmaker online which accepts these straight block bets.

What Does Doubles Mean on Bet365?

A double bet consists of two selections being made in a wager. Both of these must win to secure a return. The returns you get from the first selection are then rolled onto the second. This is a popular way of betting and the potential payout is easily calculated.

To calculate the returns for a double bet, you simply multiply the decimal odds of the two selections on your bet slip together. Then multiply this by your stake.

What are Trebles in Betting?

A treble bet is similar to the double, the only difference is it consists of three selections combined together. You can use the same method to place these bets, but select three outcomes instead of two. Pretty simple!


We hope you have found this guide helpful and now you can fill in your accumulator bet slip with Bet365. Make sure to look out for any special bonus offers or deals available to help make your odds go a bit further. Also keep an eye on the latest terms and conditions for your bet when you’re adding to your betting slip.

Good luck with your Bet365 accumulator, and make sure to check back here for more tips next time!