Coral #YourCall

The #YourCall bet is a build a bet option available on all football leagues and competitions. You can bet on both pre-match and in-play by sending a tweet.

This page will detail everything you need to know to take advantage of the Coral #YourCall promotion.

We’ll outline step-by-step instructions on how to both request and then make your own Coral #YourCall bet.

What Is Coral #YourCall?

#YourCall is an exclusive feature to Coral that allows players to combine match betting with statistics like shots, passes, assists, tackles, corners, bookings and goals. Anything, basically. The only limitation is your own imagination. Basically, you build your own bespoke bet.

To get involved all you have to do is simply tweet #YourCall and Coral will reply with your odds. Otherwise, make a selection from the bank of specials that have already been made available for you to bet on.

Tweet in Advance

As you can guess, Coral gets a fair few tweets for this so you can’t be guaranteed that your bet will be priced up. The process can take a bit of time too so it’s best to tweet Coral well in advance.

Coral #YourCall is an offer for both new and existing players.

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How To Use Coral #YourCall

Here’s how you can request a #YourCall bet:

  • Go to and log into your account
  • Go to and tweet @Coral with your requested bet and make sure to include #YourCall
  • Wait
  • Coral will reply with your odds when they’ve added your bet
  • If you like the odds, place your bet

Coral #YourCall Frequently Asked Questions

This bet lets you ask for a price on various betting markets by tweeting Coral. If the market doesn’t already exist, they’ll try and create one for you. Your price is subject to fluctuation. You cannot combine your selection with any other bet(s).

What if one of my players doesn’t participate?

If one or more of your chosen players in the bet doesn’t participate, that bet will simply become void and your stake will be returned to you.

What if one of my players doesn’t start the game?

If one or more of your chosen players in your bet doesn’t start, the bet will be void.

What if my chosen game is cancelled or postponed and doesn’t resume on that day?

Again, the bet will be void and your stake returned to you.

Does extra time count?

No. Bets are settled on the basis of the 90 minute outcome, including injury time. Extra time and penalties do not qualify.

For over and under bets, what about when a player’s final score equals their set line?

This bet will be marked as ‘push’ and the wager will be refunded to the user.

Where does Coral get their data from?

All Coral’s football stats come from Opta Sports and SportRadar.

What decides the settlement rule?

Opta Sports and SportRadar are used at the leading source of data for settling a #YourCall bet markets.

When are bets resulted?

Within 30 mins of each match conclusion.

The Verdict

For years, the biggest single restriction to online gambling was the inability to have custom bets.

With Your Call by Coral, you create your own bets and have the chance to combine various markets and request a price.

The best bit is you can create your own bet with a bespoke price from a licensed and regulated gambling operator who will put it into their own markets. Gambling goals!