Coral Cash Out

In this post you’ll learn everything that’s important about the Coral Cash Out & Partial Cash Out offer. (The cash out part also referred to as Cash Out My Bet).

You’ll learn the steps needed to set up the offer on your account and the important terms and conditions to be aware of.

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After the growing fashion in the online gambling market, Coral now offers both a Cash out (known as Cash Out My Bet) and Partial Cash Out (known as Partial Cash Out My Bet). This allows customers to have tighter control on their bets. More than ever seen previously!

Coral’s CO is a facility live on their site that allows you to resolve a bet before the event ends. It gives you the opportunity to take a part of the profit whenever you desire.

You can opt to cash out on the desktop version of the site or on the Coral sports mobile app by going to the Cash Out page. Available markets for cash out will be orange and will show the Cash Out dot next to it.

Cash Out is available to all clients.

Types of Bet

Coral has the Cash Out and Partial Cash Out on various markets and sports:

  • Football
  • Boxing
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • Snooker

Partial Cash Out

So what does ‘partial cash out’ actually mean?

This is a brilliant half-way house where you either let your wager run to the end or make a profit by getting out early. This feature lets punters take their payout early whilst the bet is still live and doing well. You leave a part of the stake to the end in hope of things picking up.

Coral offers a Partial Cash Out that lets punters cash in a bit of their bet while having the rest of their stake still in play.

The Partial Cash Out uses a simple slider to help choose what portion of the bet to cash out. Betters can cash in from 10 – 90% of their bet. Coral crunches the numbers in the background and shows you what you could collect. When the symbol turns a gold colour, your bet will make a nice win some cash.

Partially Cashing Out is open to both new and existing customers.

How To Cash Out at Coral Bookmakers

Here are the steps to Cash Out on Coral:

  • Log into
  • Navigate to Open Bets
  • Choose what you want to Cash Out
  • Click on Cash Out

You’re able to monitor the Cash Out bets in your account. Just navigate to your account, then > bet history > cashed out. Enter your required dates and click to display results. All cashed out results will show an orange dot next to it.

In-Shop Bets and Cashing Out

What are in shop bets?

All you have to do here is go to and input your 7 character Cash Out code which you’ll find at the top of the barcode.

You will then be shown your Cash Out options. If you’ve placed multiple bets on the same slip you’ll be offered an individual Cash Out value per bet. Click on the orange ‘Cash Out’ symbol then hit confirm.

How Part Cashing Out a Bet Might Lose

  • A £10 ACCA on 4 football matches
  • The odds are odds of 10/1. You’d win £110
  • 3 matches win and your choice ends up getting a goal in the 4th
  • Your bookie offers a cash-out of £55 – You can take that there and then and end the bet
  • Thanks to partial cash out, you can cash out £20 and let the rest run to the end
  • Thanks to your partial cash out, rather than an additional £90 (£110 – £20) if your bet wins, you now only get another £30
  • The final part of your ACCA loses and this means you get no payout, but you have £30 safely sat in your account

How Part Cashing Out a Bet Might Win

  • You bet £20 ACCA on 4 football matches
  • The odds are of 10/1, so you would profit £220
  • 3 matches win and in the fourth, your choice goes up by a goal
  • Coral says you can have £55 right now
  • Or, you partially cash out and take £20 and let the bet continue to the end of the game
  • Thanks to the partial cash out, if the bet then wins, you’d now get an additional £200
  • Finally, your ACCA comes through and you get that additional money

Why Might Cash Out Be Unavailable?

Coral might not be able to let you Cash Out and this could be for a variety of reasons:

  • Not accepting the agreement (you have to click on this when you first Cash Out a bet)
  • You made the bet with a free bet
  • A selection belongs to another offer
  • A selection simply isn’t eligible
  • The value is zero

Coral Cash Out Core Terms and Conditions

  • Available for online and mobile customers
  • Available on prescribed events, markets and fixtures
  • All requests depend on a time delay
  • Cash Out is only for bets where selections were made on eligible markets
  • All bets are restricted by a cap up to £50k per bet (partial or full)

Don’t Have an Account Yet?

If you open a new account today you can claim the Bet £5 Get £20 in free bets new account offer. Open your account and put on a £5 bet with odds of 1/2 or more and you’ll instantly be credited with £20 (this is in free bets).

There is a range of alternative promo codes and bonuses too.

The Verdict

All online betting sites are now offering a cash-out service to their clients and regardless of your personal experience (hey, everyone’s either cashed out early or let a bet ride when they should’ve reined it in).

It’s undeniable that cash out has been a no-brainer great option for gamblers. This isn’t a specific option exclusive to Coral.

Additionally to regular cash out was the introduction of partial cash. Allowing punters to release a portion of their bet and leave the rest of it to run until the final minute.

Cash Out options given you total control. When the bet has peaked, Cash Out lets you decide if you want to secure your profit or avoid losing big time, before the event finishes.