Coral Bet and Get Club

As you should know, Coral is one of the leading bookies in the UK and it has an abundance of bonuses for new and existing members, as well as regular promotions and excellent odds, all the time.

One of the more exciting things Coral offers is their Bet and Get Club. But, what is it?

Coral Bet Club Offer

If you’re a member of this exclusive club, you’re able to grab a tenner in free bets every single week when you’re putting up a stake that has a cumulative sum of £25 (or more than that, if you’re feeling flush). This has to be used against a sports market that carries odds of 1/1 or more.

It should also be placed between Monday – Thursday. It’s essentially Coral giving its beloved members a lovely hug and a thank you for being with them, in the form of free bets!

You don’t have to do everything all at once, they don’t expect you to place the £25 worth of wagers all in one lump. You’re able to place the bets over the course of the week and as long as they add up to £25 or over by the Thursday night, you’re golden.

Once you’ve done that, sit back and watch your free bets be credited. This should go through by 18 00 on a Friday night. You’ll see a fiver credited into your account and another fiver plonked onto your Coral Connect Card which you’ll then be able to spend in-store.

Bet you thought that was the end of the deal? Nope!

Coral Bet Get Club works in collaboration with another offer from Coral, the Acca Boost. This takes the offer up another notch by letting your stakes qualify toward the £25 requirement total and still having the opportunity to raise those winnings by another 10%! Incredible!


You’ve probably got some questions…

I don’t have an account with Coral. Do I need one?

The good news is this is open to everyone, customers new and existing alike.

To sign up, all you have to do is get yourself over to Coral’s website and sign yourself up for a shiny new account. If you do, you can also claim the signup bonus. To do this, just put on a bet for a fiver (remember, the odds have to be 1/2 or higher) and shortly afterwards you’ll be in receipt of the £20 in free bets, in denominations of £5.

That’s an aside though because you can’t use free bets toward the Bet and Get Club.

Again, if you thought that was it, you’d be wrong. You can even check out the full list of promo codes on offer and see what else you can take advantage of.

OK, I’m sold. How do I get in the club?

It’s really easy. If you don’t have a Coral account, start by getting one.

If you have an account, or once you do have one, head to the promotions section on the website and claim it before you start putting your £25 wagers on your Coral bet slip.

Should you bet using the web or your mobile, both of these wagers count toward the qualifying cumulative £25 bet requirements, as does using your Coral Connect card in a shop. If you don’t have one you’re able to apply, you just need to sign up online first so they can link the card to your account.

Then, the clever thing is that whatever you use the Connect Card for in-store, it’ll be linked to your account so you can keep track of things. The added benefit of the Coral Connect card is that you can spend your online account money, in the store!

So, once you’re a member and you’ve claimed the promo, you’ll need to qualify for Bet and Get Club and that is really simple.

All you have to do is bet 25 quid worth of bets, in one go or cumulatively, before 23 59 on any Friday. Like magic, you’ll see a £5 free bet appear in your account on a Sunday.

What can I spend my free bet on?

The free bet awarded to you can be used on any sports markets your heart desires, with any odds (that’s right, there are no minimum odds). The only stipulation is that it has to be used by the following Sunday, so, within 7 days. You can’t be naughty and try to use it as part of the next week’s’ target. You must use real money for that.

What’s the catch?

There’s no catch, but like in life, nothing comes for free. There are some key terms and conditions you might want to familiarise yourself with before diving in:

  • A tote bet is not valid for this
  • A Cashed Out bet is not valid for this
  • You have to bet the required £25 by the Saturday night at 00 01
  • You’ll automatically stay in the club until you opt out of it
  • You can use other offers with this, like the acca bonus
  • You can use this in-store, but you have to opt-in and it can only be used with your Coral Connect card on your own account

What if I skip a week?

Nothing terrible will happen to you. The club is optional so you’re in control of when to be in it, and when to miss a week. You’re not obliged to partake. All you have to do is opt-in some time between Monday and Thursday and you’re in.

Do I have to bet the required amount in one go?

Certainly not. As long as you make a cumulative total of bets to the tune of £25 between Monday – Thursday, you’re in the club.


  • Coral will give you £5 in free bets if you bet £25 as part of the Bet and Get Club
  • You have to opt in for this club, every week that you want to participate
  • Qualifying means betting £25 in total, either in one go or cumulatively…
  • These bets have to be made between Monday – Thursday
  • The odds for those must be 1/1 or higher
  • You can’t use cashed out bets
  • You can use your awarded free bet on anything, except the next week’s club

Final thoughts

Coral are undoubtedly the leaders of the bookie industry and they reward the customer with good and honest free bets, promotions, bonuses and offers. What’s better than free money? Every week?

It’s a wicked promotion that keeps clients coming back for more and more. If you stick to it, the math says you could claim over £250 in free bets per year.