Volcano Bingo Promo Code – February 2020

volcano bingo logo

Volcano Bingo is a bingo establishment which is so full of promotions and bonuses that it has to explode periodically and reward its players with free games, enticing bonuses, free spins, cashbacks, and even Amazon vouchers.

This exciting and fiery online bingo and slots establishment is smouldering with hot bingo games and explosive slots and does not hold back when bonuses and promotions are in question. And in case you were wondering, all of their bonus offers and promotions come don’t require a promo code.

Daily Free Bingo No Promo Code

Volcano Bingo is very generous when it comes to offering all of their players to play for free. They offer 6 hours of absolutely free bingo for all bingo enthusiasts who have funded in the last seven days without any additional requirements. The free bingo rooms come with a variety of prizes and this is something that you don’t often see in free bingo games.

There are two free bingo rooms for players to choose from: the Free Bingo room and the VIP Free Bingo room. The Free Bingo room is open every day between 9am – 10am and 9pm – 10pm. It is open to players of all levels. The VIP Free Bingo room is open every day between 11am – 12 pm and 10pm – 11pm and only Bronze level players or higher can take part. Both of these rooms come without a promo code.

Welcome Offer No Promo Code

All new players who deposit a minimum of £10 automatically qualify for Volcano Bingo’s welcome offer. The way in which this welcome offer is designed is quite innovative as players get the chance to spin the Mega Wheel and then see what sort of welcome bonus they got.

This adds to the excitement of the bonus as prizes can range anywhere from 10 and 50 free spins on slots such as Irish luck to 500 free spins on the amazing Fluffy Favourites slot. In addition to free spins, players can also get some enticing Amazon vouchers to use outside Volcano Bingo’s premises.

There is a maximum bonus win of £8 per 10 credited free spins and after you have used up your initial welcome bonus, you can still spin the Mega Wheel with every subsequent £20 deposit that you make. The Volcano Bingo welcome offer comes without a promo code as well.

Loyalty Scheme No Promo Code

Volcano Bingo values loyalty and to prove this they have devised a carefully planned Loyalty Scheme which will reward players who are dedicated to the Volcano Bingo brand. There are five loyalty levels and players who play more often and who deposit more money are naturally higher level clients. These levels start from the introductory ‘Member’ level and continue with Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels. The highest level that a Volcano Bingo player can achieve is Black.

Players of different levels get different perks. For example, a ‘Member’ level player  gets 1% daily cashback, 5 free spins, and a birthday bonus, whereas a ‘Black’ level player gets a 10% daily cashback and 20 daily free spins in addition to that birthday bonus. The Loyalty Scheme does not require a promo code from players to be activated.

Rocket Bingo Promo Code – February 2020

Rocket Bingo

Bingo players who look for that extra burst of cash that will propel them to the sky should look no further than Rocket Bingo. This exciting bingo establishment offers players tons of perks and freebies and all of them are constantly updated and upgraded.

There are both new and constant classics among Rocket Bingo’s enticing promotions. They range from wallet boosting deposit increases to no deposit free runs. Best of all, the entirety of promotions on offer comes with no promo codes for players to enter.

Genuine Free Bingo No Promo Code

There are many bingo operators which promise their players the chance to play for free, but almost all of them fail to deliver the things they vouch for. Rocket Bingo is very different in this respect.

The people working behind the famous bingo brand decided some time ago that they should provide their players with free bingo without any ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’. Basically, when Rocket Bingo promises a player that he will be given the chance to play for free, he will play for free.

Rocket Bingo’s Genuine Free Bingo promotion stipulates that when you click on their ‘Free Bingo’ promotion you won’t be required to deposit any money and you will play for free. However, this is not where the promotion stops as this Genuine Free Bingo actually gives players the chance to win real money.

This might sound like something out of a bingo fantasy book, but it is absolutely true that players playing Genuine Free Bingo can win £1 on each of their free bingo games. £1 is definitely not a lot, but it has to be remembered that this is probably the only game online in which you never lose any money and on top of that there is also the potential to win some cash for future games.

The Genuine Free Bingo room is available to both people who have deposited money onto their accounts and to people who have not done that yet. It is played from 6pm to 9pm every day and comes without a promo code.

Welcome Offer No Promo Code

Another enticing promotion which also comes without a promo code is Rocket Bingo’s enticing welcome bonus offer. This offer is only available to new players who deposit a minimum of £10 onto their accounts and is one of the most lucrative bingo offers for new players online.

The welcome offer stipulates that once you deposit £10, you will become eligible to spin Rocket Bingo’s Mega Wheel. There you can win anywhere from 50 free spins on Irish Luck to 500 free spins on Fluffy Favourites. Furthermore, players can also win some other amazing prizes and enticing Amazon vouchers.

Newbies Cashback Boost No Promo Code

At Rocket Bingo, the more you play, the better the perks. One such perk is the Newbies Cashback Boost which ensures that even when you are not so lucky, you still get some of your money back.

There are five Boosted Cashback levels at Rocket Bingo and all of them come without a promo code. The most rewarding is the Legend level where players are given 20% Daily Cashback, whereas the least rewarding is the Newbie level where 1% of player’s daily deposits are returned.

Monkey Bingo Promo Code – February 2020

Monkey Bingo Logo

At Monkey Bingo there is no monkey business when it comes to promotions and bonuses. The bingo operator is a Cassava Enterprises product and all of its bonuses and promotions are subject to a stringent check-up procedure that will never leave a client hanging, no pun intended.

On top of this, all of their promotions come without a promo code and that makes playing their games faster and accessing their bonuses much easier.

1st Deposit Bonus Offer No Promo Code

Monkey Bingo has 120 free bingo tickets in stock for all new customers who deposit a minimum of £10. The tickets number is the same for all players and they are awarded to 4 specified rooms.

Each player can use up to 30 tickets per room, which means that players can experience different bingo rooms while at the same time playing with the chance of making big bucks.

There are maximum 6 tickets which can be used per game and all winnings are paid out in real cash. To top it all off, this welcome bonus has no promo code.

60 Free Bingo Tickets No Promo Code

Monkey Bingo has a similar offer waiting for players’ second deposit as well. The people working at the bingo operator know that in order to have loyal clients they have to hold their end of the bargain and as a result they award all new players with a generous second deposit offer which also comes without promo code.

To qualify for this offer players need to deposit a minimum of £10. Then they will be awarded with 60 free tickets which can be used in the Choo Choo Ticket room. Since there is only one room on offer here, all of the tickets are used only in it, but a maximum of 6 tickets can be used per game.

Third Deposit No Promo Code Bonus

If your third deposit is £10 or more, you automatically qualify for the last of the three welcome offers in Monkey Bingo’s welcome bonus package. This time the tickets are awarded to the Golden Ticket room.

To be honest, the number of tickets is not as big as in the previous two offers, but even those 30 tickets are more than enough to make your third time the winning one. On top of this, the Golden Ticket room is one of the most popular rooms on offer at Monkey Bingo and since this promotion doesn’t require a promo code you will be able to experience the room instantly.

Real Deal Bingo Promo Code – February 2020

Real Deal Bingo Logo

Real Deal Bingo as the name so aptly says is the real deal. This might be difficult for some clients to comprehend as some of Real Deal Bingo’s games and promotions are really out of this world and leave players checking if this really is the real life.

The best thing about Real Deal Bingo is that you can withdraw your winnings at any time and all of those winnings come in the shape of cold hard cash and not just some bonus credits. However, to be able to withdraw money for real, you also have to deposit for real and all deposits at the bingo establishment are made with real money.

It is crucial that players know how to activate Real Deal Bingo’s various bonuses and promotions and that’s why we will explain which promo code you should use for a given offer and which are the most lucrative promotions at Real Deal Bingo.

£70 Deposit Bonus Offer Promo Code

Real Deal Bingo has an excellent offer for their first time depositors. They offer all of their new clients who deposit a minimum of £10 with the promo code – REAL the chance to get bingo tickets worth £70.

These bingo tickets are distributed in the following way: 60 tickets are given to the KACHING room ant they are worth £30; and 4 high value tickets worth £40 are awarded on Big Bang. In addition to this, players also get 10 free spins on the Fluffy Favourites slot, but be careful as these free spins expire in 7 days. All winnings are instantly available for withdrawal.

Loyalty Program No Promo Code

Real Deal Bingo values loyalty more than anything else and that’s why it awards all of its loyal players with the chance to climb the levels and win various prizes. There are 15 levels in total and as with most loyalty programs, this one also comes without a promo code.

New players who have recently joined Real Deal Bingo will likely have to start at the bottom of the table and enjoy the perks of the first few levels. There, players can get up to 10 free spins a day if they manage to get to Level 6.

The big prizes start once players reach Level 12 or higher. Level 12 players get 20 free spins every day. Level 13 and Level 14 players get 30 and 40 free daily spins respectively, while Level 15 get 50 free spins every single day.

Rewind Bingo Promo Code – February 2020

Rewind Bingo Logo

No one says no to a chance to unwind after putting in a hard day’s work, and Rewind Bingo is the best place to do so, with its flashy colours and fast winnings. What better way to wind down than to rewind back to the 1980s. The website itself is like a flashback to the time of bold styles and vintage shapes, so if you have a soft spot for bingo for a penny and great fun, you are welcomed to join in.

Like it or not, the 80s are having a comeback in full force, and the amusement this bingo site has to offer is fantastic, ranging from various promotions and offers to massive jackpots, progressive slots and card games. It has everything a player needs from deposit bonuses without promo codes, to real cash winnings to diamonds for the VIP level. The most memorable decade is back and available – bingo style!

Rewind Bingo Deposit Deal No Promo Code

If you are interested in real cash winnings and a deposit balance available to you at any time for withdrawal, Rewind Bingo offers you a great deal called the Deposit Deal. All you need is a minimum of £10 initial deposit and the game is on. The tickets awarded to the new player depend on the player’s level and the site clearly states that the tickets are intended for a particular room, as specified on the ticket itself. This deal comes without a promo code which means that the fun is instant and there will be no waiting for those cash winnings to come.

120 Bingo Tickets on Your First Deposit No Promo Code

This deal is intended purely for new clients and is one of the most competitive welcome bonuses out there. It stipulates that all 80s bingo lovers who deposit a minimum of £10 will be awarded with a fixed amount of tickets set at 120.

The tickets are awarded to 4 specified rooms and there are 30 tickets available for each of the four rooms with a maximum of 6 tickets per game. The Rewind Bingo welcome offer comes without a promo code.

Disco Beats No Promo Code

The Disco Beats game is one of the most popular games at Rewind Bingo and it comes with an ongoing promotion and deposit balance available for withdrawal at any time. The promotion doesn’t require any promo codes and is for funded players only.

Season Bingo Promo Code – February 2020

Season Bingo Logo

If you are a bingo lover who enjoys in the holiday season spirit, Season Bingo is the place for you. At Season Bingo the merriment never stops and the stockings are never empty. This Cassava Enterprises Limited bingo operator guarantees maximum fun and enjoyment and with daily bingo games starting as low as 1p you can be sure that Santa won’t forget you.

Season Bingo also offers its players lots of seasonal bonuses and promotions, but with a twist – they are there year round. Their most popular bonuses are the ones included in their welcome package and all of them come without promo codes, which means that their rewards can be enjoyed immediately.

1st Deposit Welcome Bonus No Promo Code

The first offer which is part of Season Bingo’s welcome package is their 120 free bingo tickets on your first deposit. This means that new Season Bingo players who deposit a minimum of £10 get 120 free tickets to play with.

These tickets come distributed in 4 different rooms and are awarded as follows: 30 tickets for the hugely popular Ticket to Ride room; 30 tickets for the Just the Ticket room, 30 Tickets for the crowd favourite Golden Ticket room; and 30 tickets for the Choo Choo Ticket room. The first deposit welcome bonus does not require a promo code to be activated.

60 Free Bingo Tickets on Your 2nd Deposit No Promo Code

It is not just on your first deposit that Season Bingo awards you with free bingo tickets. Your second deposit can become your second Christmas as well, provided you strike a gold mine with one of the 60 free bingo tickets that Season Bingo awards for all players who make a second deposit with a minimum amount of £10.

The tickets here are awarded to the Choo Choo Ticket room and come with only one requirement and that is that you can use a maximum of 6 tickets per given game. Promo codes are not required.

3rd Deposit Bonus No Promo Code

Season Bingo’s welcome package doesn’t include only your 1st and 2nd deposits, but also your third one as well. For many players third time is the charm and if you believe in Santa chances are that you will also believe in this. And he who believes usually wins.

This bonus provides new players who made their third deposit (minimum deposit of £10) with additional 30 free bingo tickets for the Golden Ticket room. The tickets can be obtained without entering a promo code and the winnings you get are all in real cash.

Crocodile Bingo Promo Code – February 2020

crocodile bingo logo

Crocodile Bingo is an Australian themed bingo operator which has that Aussie gold mine vibe going around. It offers its players the chance to win weekly guaranteed jackpot games and has an entrance fee of only 1p for a myriad of bingo games. On top of this, high rollers can also access bigger jackpot games, which means that Crocodile Bingo has a little something for everyone, both for the recreational bingo player and for funded players who like to spend and win big.

At Crocodile Bingo there are both regular and seasonal promotions and bonuses, but all of them come without a promo codeand what’s more, all of them put the player first.

Snatch a Snag – No Promo Code Promotion

When Australians say snag they actually refer to a sausage that has been done on the barbeque. Now there are no sausages in their Snatch a Snag promotion, but there are all the fun aspects that being around the barbeque brings. And the Snatch a Snag game brings lots of barbeque related fun.

One such thing is the fact that non-funded players can play the Snatch a Snag game once and they only need to log in to be able to take part. No promo code, no deposit, no conditions.

What’s more, funded players who deposit as little as £5 can play the game for six days. All bonuses which are won in this promo are subject to 4x wagering requirements.

First Deposit – No Promo Code Bonus

All new players are welcome at Crocodile Bingo and to facilitate this, the bingo establishment offers a very enticing welcome offer. With it players who deposit £10 get 120 free bingo tickets which they can use in 4 bingo rooms, with 30 tickets being available per room. There is no promo codetied to the welcome bonus and new players can withdraw their deposit balance at any time, meaning that there are no wagering requirements.

2ndand 3rdDeposit Bonus Offers – No Promo Code

And it is not just on the first deposit that new players get free bingo tickets to play with. Crocodile Bingo awards all of its returning players with 60 free bingo tickets for their second deposit and with 30 free bingo tickets for their third deposit.

The second deposit bingo tickets can be used in the Choo Choo Ticket room, whereas the third deposit bingo tickets can be used in the Golden Ticket room. Both of these offers don’t require a promo code.

Deep Sea Bingo Promo Code – February 2020

Deep Sea Bingo Logo

Deep Sea Bingo promises its players a naval adventure of a lifetime with their various bonuses, promotions and jackpots. Bingo games such as Bingo Buddies, Funky Monkey, and Chatterbox are some of the most popular titles at the bingo establishment and they are perfectly synced with Deep Sea Bingo’s bonuses and promotions. Some of these promotions come with promo codes while some don’t.

100% Welcome Bonus Up to £50 – No Promo Code

Deep Sea Bingo offers a really attractive offer for its new players. Their welcome bonus is not tied to using bingo tickets or spinning slots, but instead comes in the form of cold, hard cash. They give all of their first time clients who deposit a minimum of £10 the chance to play with double that amount up to £50. This means that if a player deposits £20, Deep Sea Bingo will give him another £20 for free. If a player deposits £50, Deep Sea Bingo will be there to subsidise his initial wager with an extra £50.

However, it has to be said that the bonus comes in the shape of bingo bonus funds which can only be used to purchase bingo tickets and cannot be instantly withdrawn. In addition, the bonus is subject to x4 wagering requirement if you want to redeem it. Finally, the bonus can be activated instantly as it comes without a promo code.

Deposit £20 – Play with £40 on Second Deposit Bonus Promo Code

This bonus offer is specially designed for players who want to place their second deposit with Deep Sea Bingo. In order to qualify for it, players must deposit a minimum of £20, which is somewhat higher than what other second deposit offers require from players.

However, the £20 you deposit is a guarantee that you are going to get more for your money. In this case that is a 200% increase on your second deposit which equals to £40. This is a fixed deposit bonus and all players who deposit a minimum of £20 get the same amount of extra £40 to play with.

To activate this offer, players must deposit with promo code DEEP40 and for players to be able to withdraw their winnings they first have to fulfil the wagering requirement which is set at x4. Trying to withdraw before fulfilling the wagering requirements will delete all active/pending bonus funds.

Dino Bingo Promo Code – February 2020

Dino Bingo Logo

Dino Bingo is one excellent bingo place. It offers players gargantuan bonuses, Jurassic-sized promotions, and crazy dinosaur delights. It is a friendly and welcoming place which takes new players’ lack of bingo knowledge into consideration and organizes a bingo academy and an attractive welcome bonus. All of Dino Bingo bonuses and promotions come without a promo code and that means that new players have one less thing to worry about when they join in.

Diamond Club VIP Program – No Promo Code

However, it is not only new players who are welcome at Dino Bingo as the bingo operator has an excellent VIP Program which they name the Diamond Club. There, players can accumulate diamonds when making deposits and can go from one level to another.

There are five different levels: blue is the first one, and it is followed by the bronze, silver, gold and platinum levels. To get to the blue level, players must deposit up to £49, to get to bronze, they must deposit between £50 and £499, and so on. To get to platinum level players must deposit north of £5000.

The perks of being in the VIP club include free spins, speed spins, deposit bonuses, bonus cash, real cash, and merchandise. The higher the level, the bigger the perks. As with all VIP programs, this one doesn’t require a promo code to be activated.

Bingo Academy – No Promo Code Promotion

The bingo academy is a Dino Bingo creation which helps all new players to learn how to play bingo without exposing themselves to big losses. It helps players to learn how to maximize their winnings and how to get the most out of a bingo game.

Players can access the room for 2 days after registering with Dino Bingo and can play for 5 days after their first deposit. During this period new bingo players are guided through the world of bingo by Dino Bingo’s helpful staff via live chat. This offer comes without a promo code.

First Deposit – No Promo Code Bonus

In addition to these two promotions, Dino Bingo also has a very enticing welcome bonus package. With it, new players who deposit a minimum of £10 are awarded 120 tickets which they can use in 4 different rooms, with 30 tickets being available per room and a maximum of 6 tickets per game. This promotion also comes without a promo code.

Fancy Bingo Promo Code – February 2020

Fancy Bingo Logo

Fancy Bingo is one fancy bingo establishment. Everything on the bingo site is bright, sunny and full of glitter. They have tons of bonuses which are mostly oriented towards their new players.

Fancy Bingo abounds in enticing new player offers, weekly and monthly promotions, explosive jackpots, and has a little something for everyone. What’s more, most of their bonuses and promotions come without a promo code, which means that activating a bonus will take a lot less time for players eager to start playing with Fancy Bingo’s bonus funds.

1stDeposit Bonus Offer – No Promo Code

Fancy Bingo’s first deposit bonus is what the bingo operator is really about. They won’t go and give you tons of bonus cash, but what they will do is give you a crazy amount of free bingo tickets which will help you familiarize yourself with the place and win a lot of money in the process.

To be eligible for this offer, players must deposit a minimum of £10 on their initial deposit. Then they are awarded with a fixed number of bingo tickets which is set at 120. This means that all players get the same number of bingo tickets.

These tickets can only be used in 4 rooms specified by Fancy Bingo and players can use 30 tickets per room and play with a maximum of 6 tickets per game. All winnings are paid out in real cash and there is no promo code that players are required to enter.

60 Free Bingo Tickets on Second Deposit – No Promo Code

And it is not only on the first deposit that new players are given the chance to get free bingo tickets. The same goes for the second deposit new players place. This time though, the number of free tickets is reduced and is set at 60.

To be able to qualify for this offer, players must deposit a minimum of £10 and they don’t need to enter a promo code when they deposit the money. After depositing, players are credited with a fixed number of 60 tickets which they can use in the very popular Choo Choo Ticket room.

30 Bingo Tickets on Third Deposit – No Promo Code

The third deposit bonus also comes with no promo codeand it is also given in the form of free bingo tickets. This time players who make a third qualifying deposit of minimum £10 are given 30 free tickets for the Golden Ticket room.