Boxing Bet Types

Betting on boxing has never been more exciting, and with recent matches having smashed the world of the sport wide open, there’s never been a better time to start looking at the various different boxing bet types around.

From standard match by match bets to career potential for some of the biggest up-and-comers in the ring, as with all sports – understanding form is key.

Some of the biggest and most profitable ways you can benefit from the sport include bets like:

  • Prop bets
  • Parlay bets
  • Draws

While many of these terms are likely to be familiar to punters on baseball, basketball and American football, the way they all play out in the ring can be considered a little bit different.

We’re here to break down the world of bets one round at a time – so that you can take your pick from the most attractive markets and opportunities the next time a big pay per view heads your way.

Money Line Boxing Betting

Money line boxing betting runs concurrent to the idea of picking who is most likely to win any given fight.  Basic money lines will allow you to bet on odds set by a bookmaker based on boxers’ forms and fighting styles – and how likely, of course, they are to come away from the winner by any means possible.

Regardless of whether both fighters go the distance, money lines allow you to identify whether you’re looking at a David and Goliath encounter or a much evener battle.  The closer the lines – for example, +175 and -200 – the less cut and dried the outcome will likely be.

A -200 bet, in this case, will need you to place at least £200 on the favourite to win £100 back, while +175 on the underdog means you’ll get £175 back if you place £100.  The choice – of course – is absolutely yours.

Take advantage of spread betting to make things that little bit more interesting, too.

Over Under Boxing Betting

Over-under boxing betting is different from other sports in the sense that it’s completely tailored to the number of rounds expected for the fighters involved.

Matches can run up to 12 separate rounds but can end at any time if a fighter is defeated by technical knockout or if they fail to get back up after the count.

Betters will be able to choose whether or not they feel a bookmaker’s predicted round total is too high or too low.  Bookmakers, such as Paddy Power,  generally know what they’re looking at when it comes to overs and unders in boxing, meaning that these boxing bet types may be considered a little riskier than your outright money lines.

If a bookmaker sets the expected round total at 5, anything below that is an under bet, and anything above is an over bet.  Simple!

Boxing Draws Betting

Betting live and ahead of matches gets particularly exciting when you start considering the possibility of a draw. There are many boxing tipsters which you can check out for predictions on what the recommended as the best bets.

Draws will only ever occur if a match goes to judge decision between a panel of three – and this only ever happens if no one player is knocked out during a match.  As such, boxing draws betting can be very lucrative indeed.

It’s a bet type which is worth looking into if you are feeling lucky, or if the form of the two fighters is too close to call.  Another good tell for a potential draw is, of course, how close the money lines are together.

In any case, placing bets on a draw is rather like betting on the green zero in roulette – it can happen, it will happen, but when?  The odds aren’t exactly on your side – but it might be worth a punt!

Boxing Parlays Betting

Boxing parlays betting works similarly as it does with other sports – in the sense that it’s a popular punt for experts.  This works similarly to an accumulator in other events and sports as it means that you’re placing bets on several different matches at once. Find out more about the various boxing matches before placing any bets.

It also means that, if anyone of your bets during your parlay fails to come in, you get absolutely nothing.  This means that you can either take a daring punt if you feel you have an outside edge, or you can play it safe if you notice a stack of attractive money lines opening up on outright wins.

Parlay bets are exciting and can generate a stack of cash for the right punters – which makes it all the more worthwhile doing your homework.  Study the fighters and learn the markets and parlay betting could net you a wad of winnings.

Boxing Proposition Betting

Boxing proposition betting is where things start to get more than a little interesting.  If you’re invested in placing bets on more than purely who will win in a fight, and fancy asking some more specific questions about the matches you watch, prop bets are likely to be right up your alley.

Pick which fighter will get knocked out first, which will land the first punch, the exact number of rounds – prop bets will vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, but many will allow for a wide range of choice when it comes to opening up your betting slip.

The more wide open the chances, the more money you could see returned.  That’s the appeal of prop betting from sport to sport!

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