bet365 Euro Soccer Bonus

No one’s under any illusion that football isn’t the dominating sport when it comes to betting. Bookies offer all sorts of things from single match betting to the more complex systems. There’s a plethora of betting methods on offer to keep punters interested.

Are you interested in finding out what the August 2020 bet365 Euro Soccer bonus is all about?

One particularly exciting way to maximise your fun and your returns is to take advantage of extra bonuses on offer and put them towards a soccer accumulator bet.

The bet365 acca bonus is a great one to get involved with, and this article will tell you why

The Upshot of the Bet362 Euro Soccer Bonus

Bet365 offers their Euro Soccer accumulator which covers European domestic leagues as well as both group and knockout stages in the Champions League, so there’s no lack of choice.

You have the chance of winning a bonus of a max of 70% more if you put on an accumulator bet on anything that falls into the Champions League, Bundesliga 1, Serie A, Premier League or La Liga.

The upshot is simple. Place a bet before your chosen 3+ matches start (on bet365, of course) in the appropriate markets and combine teams in any of the previously mentioned competitions.

If your teams win, you win a bonus which will be added to your earnings. Sound interesting?

Do be aware that if you fully cash out, your bonus no longer applies. If you partially cash out, your bonus will be worked out off the back of your remaining stake still in play. The most bonus you’ll be able to claim is on hundred grand.

If the bet has been edited, your bonus will naturally be worked out based on the new odds of the bet, so be careful not to risk your winnings. If you edit a bet when an event is in-play, you won’t get a bonus payment.

How do I Claim this Bonus?

If you don’t have an account, fear not. This bonus offer is extended to both new and existing account holders.

Don’t have an account? Then go to the website and get one; bet365 is one of the best sites for gambling you could ever hope for, so you won’t regret it.

They do fantastic promotions for new sign ups, too so check out the promotions page and see what codes you’d like to apply.

Once you have an account go and place your accumulator bet as you normally would. Wait for the results. If your teams all win, congratulations, so do you. Your bonus will be added to your account, you don’t have to do anything to claim it.

Terms and Conditions

But, what are the terms and confitions?

  • The bet365 Euro Soccer bonus only applies to specific markets based on the result of the match, both teams scoring and win.
  • You may bet on Champions League, Bundesliga 1, Serie A, Premier League or La Liga
  • You will get your bonus within 24hrs of the bet being settled
  • The maximum bonus is ¬£100 000 (or currency equivalent)
  • If you cash your bet out, it is no longer eligible
  • In the event you’ve partially cashed out your bet, the bonus will be recalculated using whatever remaining stake you have left
  • If you edit a bet your bonus will be recalculated on the basis of the new stake
  • If a qualifying bet is edited during play, the bonus will no longer qualify for the bonus
  • A stake where a bet has been made using bet credits, double chance bets and combi bets also can’t be used toward this bonus

What if One of my Matches is Postponed or Cancelled?

If this happens then your Euro Soccer Bonus is still eligible.

Bet365 will recalculate your winnings and alter the bonus payment accordingly (depending on the performance of your remaining selections).


bet365 have earned the title of one of the very best sites to go to for football betting.

Their “2 goals ahead” early payout promotion also applies (on single bets) so if your team is winning by 2 goals at any point, you’ll see returns on your stake regardless of the score at the end.

If you’re a big fan of accumulators and you’d like to maximise your returns without paying more out of your own pocket then this bet365 Euro Soccer bonus is great (and also hard to beat in terms of not just other accumulators from other sites, but all other bonus offers aimed at boosting your winnings).