bet365 Edit Bet

Here you’ll learn everything you need to know about bet365 edit bet that will allow you to get the most out of this incredible offer where.

If your bet isn’t performing as well as you’d hoped, or you’ve simply changed your mind and would like to edit the bet, you can!

What the bet365 Edit Bet Feature?

The Edit bet is a cool feature that you won’t know how to be without once you learn how to use it. It’s coupled with the cash-out function. Essentially, you’re able to do this you’ve already placed a bet. You cash out on the existing bet as it stands and you create a new bet with your changes. It uses the amount you’ve cashed out as the stake. The new bet goes onto your bet slip with the new odds and the initial odds are forgotten.

Edit bet is available when you have an unsettled selection within a bet and the outcome of that bet is currently unknown. Say you have an accumulator, and a few of those selections have finished, you can benefit from making changes to the currently unsettled selections. For the unsettled single bets, you can either swap or add selections, depending on what suits you better.

What is an unsettled bet?

A bet365 bet still unsettled simply means you have the option to add, swap or remove selections because a particular match has not finished yet, therefore the bet cannot be settled without knowing the final outcome.

How do I know if I can edit a bet?

The only stipulation is that your bet is an unsettled bet on bet365.

When it comes to your accumulators, you’re able to edit bet365 unsettled bets on matches on your bet slip even when some of the games have completed.

You’ll know you can do it because your online account won’t show the option if you can’t.

How many changes can I make?

You’re allowed to make multiple changes which might be a combination of removing a bet altogether, adding one or swapping one. All within one request. Also, if you make a change and then don’t fancy it, you can change it again; there’s no restriction on the number of times you can make changes (of course, providing it remains unsettled in this time).

How do I do it?

Bet365 have made it really easy to do. Simply log into your account and head to your bets. Click on the cash out option and you’ll then see a further option that says edit bet. Here you’ll find where to add, remove or swap your selections.

When you edit a bet, remember any settled selections won’t appear in this edit bet view. The winnings from those selections will be considered in the cash out recalculation.

If there’s a suspended selection and cashing out isn’t an option, the edit bet option won’t be available.

I see a bet and no longer fancy the odds, how do I remove a selection?

To get rid of a selection (cancel it), navigate to the above-mentioned section of the website that presents you with every option you need to begin editing a bet. Just click on the ‘x’ next to it. Your bet slip will reflect this removal and your estimated return will be updated. If you’re happy with that, you’ll have to click save and after that, confirm, to be super sure.

OK, so how do I add a selection if I feel lucky?

To add a selection, again, go back to the editing a bet page where you can add, swap or remove a bet. You should see an option that lets you “add selections”. Once you click that, you’ll be directed to the sports section of bet365 and there will be a helpful popup with some information about going through the options and adding a selection.

If you had what you like onto your bet slip you’ll be creating a temporary one for information at this point. It’ll update itself to reflect your new return amount, taking your new selection into consideration.

If you’re happy, just hit submit, save, confirm.

How do I swap a selection?

To swap selections, select edit bet. Go to the selection you want to swap. Select edit bet. Here, you’ll be shown a pop up that tells you what markets you’re able to swap from. Pick the odds you fancy the odds on the most and submit the change. click done and the betslip will reflect the change, then save, then confirm.

Final word

Edit bet is a generous offering from the bookmaker that lets you swap or remove selections if the bet isn’t doing so well, or add selections if your current selections are doing great and you want a little more of the action.

With the option to add, swap or remove selections, your bet has the best chance possible of winning you a share of the pie.

And who doesn’t want a share of that? It’s not too dissimilar from Ladbrokes edit my acca option; you’ve got the option to edit (add, swap or remove) pre-match and in-play bets, giving you full control and flexibility.