Basketball Bet Types

Basketball remains massively popular the world over, which is all the more reason why so many different basketball bet types exist.  Rather than just punting outright on score outcomes or on who will win which game, you can make things that little bit more interesting with a variety of different touches.

There are many types of bets to opt for including:

  • Money line
  • Futures for the season
  • Totals
  • Live bets

Many bookmakers – if not all – give you a variety of options to choose from so that you can tailor your game(s) your way.

If you are thinking about placing bets, make sure to check out the best basketball betting sites first, so you can be sure that you are getting the best deals and offers available.

Before you start depositing on the dribbles, let’s take a quick look at some of the most popular and profitable types of betting available, as well as the basketball betting tips we have provided.

Money Line Bet Basketball

When it comes to betting on totals, money lines are amongst the most popular opportunities around.  Bookmakers – like Ladbrokes –  will offer opportunities for money line bet fans can get behind – in the form of an outright score which you can go ‘higher’ or ‘lower’ on.

Unlike other basketball bet types, money lines are seen as somewhat low risk; for example, if a team is considered favourite to win, you could place a bet on -200 – which calculates at around £200 placed to get £100 back.

You can utilise spread bets to increase your cushion or your risk on either side, too – meaning it’s worth doing your homework on form.

Handicap Basketball Betting

Handicap basketball betting comes into play when particular teams are at a distinct advantage to win certain games.  This is largely based on form, but when looking at totals, it’s worth bearing in mind a handicap if it’s applied.

This is because it can detract from odds you may have bet on – for example, if you bet on a team that’s clear favourite to win with a significant handicap, and they barely scrape with a win, you could stand to lose.

Handicap betting is a modifier that can be your ally or your foe.  Pick wisely.

Totals Basketball Betting

Of all basketball bet types, totals basketball betting remains extremely popular.  These are otherwise known as the ‘over/under’ bets, which means you take control by choosing whether or not you think a final scoreline will be over or under that which has been set by the bookmaker.

For example, if a bookmaker offers you odds of 159.5o, you can expect to bet on a particular team scoring more than 160 in a given game.

Another figure – for example +120 – will advise you that, in this case, betting over 160 for this team will grant you £120 for every £100 wagered.  It can get a little complex the further down you drill – but it certainly helps to keep things interesting!

Live Basketball Betting

Live basketball betting is becoming more and more popular as it is allowing punters to take advantage of ever-changing markets.  Who’s to say whether or not all of a given team’s star players will be on the court by the end of a match?

The unpredictable nature of the NBA means that punters can now take advantage of events which unfold before their very eyes.

While plenty of bet types such as futures depend on assessing form and sealing in the cash beforehand, live and in-play betting can allow for smart bets to be made when certain games don’t appear to be heading in the bookmaker’s direction.

Half and Quarter Betting

As with outright money lines, you can now start placing bets on totals for each quarter or half played.  Basketball games are, by design, split up into fractions – and one of the more popular in-play or live basketball bet types around is half and quarter betting.

Not keen on following the spread for the whole match?  Are you looking at two equally competent teams on the good form?  Bet on each quarter, or on specific halves – it’s playing it safe on one hand, while taking serious tactical advantage on the other.

Multiples Basketball Bets

Multiples basketball bets are that little bit more advanced.   These are accumulator bets which mean that you bet on several games at once, with your returns potentially getting higher with each game you win.

These bets can be carried out on numerous sites including Betfred Online and the Paddy Power site.

You can set up multiple bets with as few as two different games, but the more you add in, the more money you stand to get out.  However, as always with accumulators and multiples, if you lose one game – your whole win comes tumbling down.  Take caution – and start looking at the form.

Basketball Teaser Betting

Basketball teaser betting is a little similar to multiples, instead, the odds here are fixed – though you can move handicaps around to your advantage, or if you’re feeling particularly lucky.

Teaser bets can be moved to fairly wide spreads, meaning they can be easy to win – but they can also be an exciting alternative to outright money lines if you tighten your bet up enough.

Once again, if you happen to lose anyone game in your sheet – you leave with nothing.  Play it safe, or risk it all – it’s your choice.  This bet type may actually be a safer route in, or introduction, for punters considering the multiples approach.

Futures Basketball Betting

Futures basketball betting is all about becoming the season oracle.  Take a close look at your chosen team and bet how many games they are likely to win in any given league.

These types of bet are best made before the start of a season, as the best odds are generally wide open at this point – but to be confident in making these bets, you’re going to need to know what you’re talking about.

Unless that is, you’re feeling extremely lucky.

Proposition Betting

Proposition betting smashes the sportsbook wide open.  Bet on specific outcomes and moments during a game right down to the finest detail – how many points will a specific player score?

What will be the final margin between the teams?  Who will win which trophy, and when?  These are maverick and exciting bets.

Sports betting sites can be found all over the web, but please make sure you choose a reputable company when placing bets online.