Acca Insurance

You may have heard about Acca insurance and wondered what it is. Here are some of the facts about Acca insurance, and the reasons it is a popular choice.

What is an Acca Insurance Offer?

Acca insurance is, in short, a way to insure your accumulator bets with your betting company. It’s a win-win situation since you have the chance to win big, but if the bet doesn’t pay off, all is not lost with the Acca insurance!

There is usually a maximum insured amount of around £25 so you can claim that back if you lose. But those accumulators can certainly add up over time and give you a nice healthy win too!

How Does Accumulator Insurance Work?

The betting shops are more than familiar with all of the options you can choose when putting a bet on. So asking to cover your accumulator bet with the Acca insurance won’t be a surprise to the staff at the counter.

Accumulators can bring a rollercoaster of emotions. Keeping the Acca insurance as a backup plan can help you enjoy the game rather than worry too much. If you lose in an accumulator and you chose the Acca insurance, then you will get your money back.

Sometimes all the money and sometimes just part of it. Each betting site has its own terms, so as always, it’s essential to read their individual rules, and no surprises should occur.

Best Accumulator insurance Offers

Many of the top betting companies offer Acca insurance, Ladbrokes have a maximum refund of £25 £50 match free bet and covers all the football leagues. Ladbrokes have a maximum refund of £25, £50 match free bet, and includes all football league.

William Hill Also has an Acca insurance offer with a maximum refund of £20 and £10 and £30 bonus. 888 sport Has Acca insurance that covers football, greyhound racing and horse racing too. The maximum £25 refund as well as that £10 and get £30 plus Acca saver. Acca attack promotes Acca insurance that covers football greyhound racing and horse racing too.

Which Betting Sites offer the Best Acca Insurance?

It looks as though Ladbrokes and William Hill both have the best offers available rights now. William Hill’s maximum refund is slightly less, by £5. But doing your research is essential when it comes to betting and placing your money. You just have to Google’ Acca insurance’, and you’ll find the perfect one for you.

How Do I Claim an Acca Insurance Offer?

Betting companies have made it a very simple and straightforward process to pick up and use Acca insurance. These insurance offers are usually found online or and grabbing an offer if you look carefully. You can, of course, still, visit the betting shops too, and call the helplines for each if you’re not able to just pop by.

Acca Insurance Examples

So you’ve made a bet and chosen the Acca insurance, you will want to keep an eye on the matches you’ve decided to support and the outcome for each. Then once you’ve looked at the results for each of these, you will know whether you have won or lost.

It only takes one incorrect bet for it all to be over. This is the beauty of the internet, most gambling companies have this option, and it really enhances your experience!

For example, your accumulator looks like this:

Borussia Dortmund (w) vs Inter Milan

Zenit St Petersburg vs RB Leipzig (w)

Lyon vs Benfica (w)

Chelsea vs Ajax (d)

Valencia vs Lille (w)

Things are looking good when your first three teams win, but then Chelsea wins, and you lose your bet. This is obviously a sad time, but with insurance, you will at least get some or all of the money back. This softens the blow somewhat!


Ultimately Acca insurance is a smart way to protect yourself from the sometimes risky business of accumulators. It can help prevent you from losing everything in various bet markets. There’s nothing worse than your team losing and costing you the accumulator at the same time!